Saturday, 24 March 2018

Wizards at Tribeca @ Imbi

Hi everyone, I'm back with my very first post of 2018! Don't ask me why my first post of the year is up when nearly 3 months have passed since New Year's Day.. If you know how lazy I am, it explains everything, lol.

The other day my mom and I went for a late lunch at Wizards, a newly opened restaurant located at Tribeca Bukit Bintang. I came across it when I was looking up nice cafes (mainly to take photos in.. just look at the Instagram geotag for this place! So photo worthy..) and the atmosphere and the food looked way too good to pass up on!

The interior design is seriously so beautiful! A lot of marble and greenery, which is definitely the aesthetic that I like. Not that I actually incorporate a lot of it into my life at all, because I don't really have an aesthetic or anything.. 😬

I also really like those fixtures on the lights, for some weird reason! Gives the place a really unique vibe.

I don't know about you guys, but I never actually watched The Wizard of Oz movie.. πŸ˜… I did read the book, though! I wasn't much of a movie person when I was young, since I liked reading way better.

The price of the food here is a little steeper than most places, but seeing the types of food they serve, the presentation, ingredients and the service, I think it's totally justifiable.

Basil Lemonade (RM18)

Omg, this was so good! The basil really complimented the lemonade well, it was so refreshing.

Taro Mish Mash (RM28)

This was yam mash, avocado pesto and tomato salsa on top of sourdough bread with two poached eggs. I ordered it without feta cheese! This is one of the vegetarian options on the menu, and it was seriously amazing, I'd definitely come back here just to have this again. Yam mash is a surprisingly delicious alternative to mashed potatoes, and I want to try making it at home, too. That is, if I ever bother getting around to actually cooking..

A little unrelated, but I'm so glad that restaurants and cafes nowadays are providing more and more good vegetarian and vegan options on their menus. I've been trying to be more conscious of my diet nowadays and eat vegetarian or vegan a few days a week for health and environmental purposes. I don't think I can make the full transition just yet, but I think slowly incorporating these changes into my lifestyle is making a difference! 😊 I stopped eating dairy two years ago (even though I did slip up a few times here and there, my digestive system made sure I really paid for it, lol) and it did wonders for my skin and overall health, I really recommend it. Next up is cutting red meat from my life completely..

The best part of poached eggs.. look at that runny yolk!

Pulled Beef Tagliatelle (RM30)

Hotcakes (RM20) for my mom

Super fluffy and yummy like Japanese pancakes!

My pretty mama 😍

All in all, we had a really good experience here and I would definitely come back again! The service was A+ too, everyone that served us was extremely friendly and welcoming 😭 My mom was like "I bet their salary is really high" LMAO but I really appreciated how they treated their customers. Wizards is really the perfect weekend brunch spot, 10/10 would recommend!

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