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Etude House Play Color Eyes Wine Party Palette | Review & Swatches

Hi everyone! I'm back with another beauty review and this time I'm going to be talking about the newest addition to Etude House's Play Color Eyes palettes - the Wine Party palette. I picked this up during my trip to Korea and got to play around with it for a bit, so I'll be giving my full review and opinion on it (plus sharing a look I did with it in the end!).

The Wine Party palette contains 10 shades that are mostly burgundy to purple tones (reminiscent of actual wine, of course), with some soft browns and sheer glitters on the side. It's a beautiful sort of muted colour collection which is perfect for the fall season.

The packaging is really pretty! The design is pretty much exactly like the standard Play Color Eyes palettes, except the cover is a dark maroon colour and has little wine, cheese and grape illustrations on the front. I absolutely love the Play Color Eyes packaging, because it's sleek and thin yet durable, making it perfect to bring along for travel. The palette also comes along with two mini-size dual ended applicators, but I'm not a fan of using applicators to apply my eyeshadow so I took them out.

The shade names are also featured on the back of the palette, which I think is great and really helpful when you want to follow tutorials or buy the individual shades - plus, you don't have to keep the plastic thing that covers the shadows. I like that Etude has been doing these with their newer palettes (their first Play Color Eyes palette, In The Cafe, doesn't include this 😥).

On to the swatches! As far as I know there aren't any official translations of the shade names as of yet, so I'll make an attempt to translate them myself here, lol. These are all finger swatched onto my arm without any primer. If you're used to Western-style, heavily pigmented eyeshadows, this might not be the palette for you but for those who like natural, sheerer shadows, I can definitely recommend these.

The first half of the palette is the warmer, brown toned side, making them great for daily use.

The first shade, Camembert Brie Cheese, is a matte white colour with a hint of pink undertone to it. It's exclusive to this palette. I love this as a base and brow and inner corner highlight!
The second shade, The Last Leaf, is a reddish brown colour with pinkish shimmers, and is available as a single shadow.
The third shade, Matured Wine Barrel, is a matte brown and is exclusive to this palette. This is my favourite shade in the whole palette as I love using it on the daily for a really natural eye look!
The fourth shade, Cork Stopper, is a neutral brown beige-y colour, and is exclusive to this palette. It's nice to use as a base as well but I find it just a tad too pinky-toned to use for everyday on my warmer-toned skin.
The fifth shade, Rosé Sparkling Holic, is a pinky-gold glitter and is exclusive to this palette. I do like this shade but it's extremely sheer (since it's a glitter) and you definitely have to use your fingers to apply it if you want anything to show up at all. This shade was also a mess for me to clean up after swatching, as the glitters are so sheer that it gets EVERYWHERE 😓

The second half contains more burgundy tones, which are perfect for special occasion fall looks.

The first shade, Finish A Marathon, is a pink-toned brown with gold and pink shimmers, and is available as a single shadow.
The second shade, Pungent Wine Burgundy, is a shimmery deep burgundy shade, and is available as a single shadow.
The third shade, Where Are You, My Other Half?, is a deep rosey wine shimmer colour, and is available as a single shadow. 
The fourth shade, Blingy Dress Code, is a sparkly gold glitter, and is exclusive to this palette. I like this shade much more than Rosé Sparkling Holic because it's a more pigmented shine.
The fifth shade, Elegant Bordeaux Wine, is a deep muted purple colour with a bit of shimmer, and is exclusive to this palette.

Since I'm not really good with creating shadow combinations, I did a look inspired by Korean Youtuber ARANG using this exact palette. I used Finish A Marathon as my all-over lid shade and under the eyes, followed by mixing Pungent Wine Burgundy and Where Are You, My Other Half? and putting that under my crease and on the outer bottom lash line. I then mixed The Last Leaf and Elegant Bordeaux Wine on an eyeliner brush and used that to create a tiny eyeliner wing. To finish it off I applied Camembert Brie Cheese on my inner corners with my finger to brighten it up.

If you want to see a more detailed version of the look, check out ARANG's video here:

And I want to highly recommend Bella's channel as well! For someone with hooded eyelids like me, I find it easy to take inspiration from her and ARANG's looks, and my current daily eyeshadow routine is heavily inspired by Bella's Wine Party video too:

Overall, I'm really enjoying this palette and it's definitely become a staple product in my makeup collection. One problem that I have with it is that it's pretty powdery (it gets everywhere when you swirl your brush in the shadows) and I'm not the biggest fan of the glitter shades, but other than that it's a great palette, and the colour selection is perfect for me. The pigmentation level is just right for beginners - though I've heard the single shadow version of some of the eyeshadows are more pigmented than the ones in the palette.

The Etude House Play Color Eyes Wine Party palette is available in most Etude House stores in Korea. It's not currently for sale on the international website but I'd expect it to show up soon! This palette, like all the Play Color Eyes palettes, retails for 22,000won, but I managed to snag it for around 15,000won - if you're curious about how I got that discount, I'll blog about it very soon!

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