Monday, 28 August 2017

Trying Korean Diet Instant Noodles (Cup Noodle 컵누들 Review)

I'm sure the one food that we all crave (but avoid) when we're dieting is instant noodles. Such a simple, easy to make and delicious meal, yet the calorie count is just too high to justify eating them during a diet ;_; Which is why I was so excited when I found this brand of instant noodles in Korea that's only 120kcal per cup!

These are called 컵누들 (which literally translates to Cup Noodle lol), and they're made by the brand Ottogi, who make a lot of famous instant foods and snacks in Korea.

They make a variety of Cup Noodle flavours (besides the original spicy flavour, they have udon, spicy fried rice noodles, Vietnamese pho and more!) and have small and big sizes, but the main point is that everything is under 200 calories. For reference, one cup of curry Maggi Hot Cup alone is 264 calories! Which isn't so bad.. unless you're me and you can probably eat like 3 servings of Hot Cup in one sitting when you put your mind to it.. Other types of cup noodles don't fare as well in terms of calories, though - those Korean fire noodles? 425 calories per cup. BYE FELICIA!!!

I picked up the spicy flavour of the Cup Noodle in the small size at my nearby convenience store to try out. Upon looking at the cup again, it says that there's 100mg of collagen in these noodles. Not sure where that's coming from.. but I'll take it.

The main reason why these instant noodles are so low calorie is because instead of using regular ramen noodles, they're using glass noodles. The portion is also noticeably smaller than regular cup noodle portions, so that's how they're able to cut down on the calories.

Soup & flavouring packets!

After pouring hot water and waiting for 2-3 minutes, it's all cooked!

Personally, I really liked these cup noodles. They're properly spicy and taste so good, and besides the texture of the noodles, I can barely tell the difference between these and regular instant noodles! The portion is definitely smaller, but I feel like it could hold me over for a good amount of time, and it's definitely a better, low-calorie option when you're craving noodles.

On the other hand, the sodium count is still pretty high, so do take caution while eating these. But all in all, I think these are perfect for those days when you're just trying to watch your weight but you can't afford knocking back too many calories on un-filling instant noodles (and trust me, I have a lot of those days). These are only available in Korea for now, as far as I know, but I'd love for the concept of low-calorie instant noodles to be brought internationally!

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