Tuesday, 15 August 2017

July '17 Playlist

Hi.. I'm posting my July playlist halfway through August.. just because I can.. :-) Anyway, I can't believe it's August already - 2017 is going by way too fast and I lowkey feel like I've not done much at all this year.. But besides that, there's definitely been a whole lot of good music releases so far (especially this month), so let's talk about what I've been into.

Summer 127 - NCT127 

Judging by how much I talk about them (especially on here), you'd think that NCT are my ultimate favourite group - they're not, but at this rate they might as well be. I've been listening to the Cherry Bomb album all month now and I haven't gotten bored of it at all! Summer 127 is my favourite out of all the tracks because the vocals and rapping are on point and as my best friend Kristen says, it sounds like ZARA music. Which I love. Oh, and can we talk about Haechan's part in this song? GIVE THAT BOY A SOLO!!

Also.. I'm just gonna.. leave this here.. because Johnny looks fine as hell lol :-) He's seriously so boyfriend material wtf so tall and his shoulders are so broad i wanna DIEEEEE I LOVE JOHNNY

ABC (Middle of the Night) - VAV

I think my very first reaction upon watching this music video just about sums up everything:

I can't spell, apparently.

Anyway, I LOVE THIS SONG!!!! Honestly, I even like it more than Flower cos it's much more summer-y and really catchy, plus the line distribution is actually decent for once. This is totally unbiased, but VAV have never ever disappointed me music-wise!

New Rules - Dua Lipa

This music video was going around Twitter not too long ago and that's how I got to know about Dua Lipa and this song. I absolutely love the concept in this MV and her voice is so good! If I wasn't in Korea at the time, I totally would've gone to see her at Good Vibes.

Singing In The Rain - JinSoul (LOONA)

I've officially found my favourite member of LOONA! Queen of visuals, vocals, rap and dance. This song is so addictive, and props to their company for giving them such incredible songs and music videos.

Wild Thoughts - DJ Khaled, Rihanna, Bryson Tiller

This is my ultimate feel-good "ho" song LOL I looooove Rihanna (of course) and this is my favourite song to get ready to in the morning.


Hotshot is another group that I'm glad are doing much better in terms of popularity after Produce 101. I LOVE this song so much but I was a little disappointed by the quality of the MV, it just seems.. too LQ (in terms of production) in comparison to the HQ song :( Hopefully their company will step up their game and improve that for their next comeback!

Ko Ko Bop - EXO

I used to be the biggest EXO fan back in 2012 but I slowly fell out of love with them once the ex-members started leaving.. However, I still enjoy their music occasionally and I think Ko Ko Bop and the rest of the songs on this album are really, really good! I love how experimental SM is getting with their artists' music (especially NCT hehe) and the boys look so good here - except Kai and Baekhyun's hairstyles.. but we're just gonna ignore that for now lol.

Frozen Kiss, The Dark Knight - JJ Lin

I love JJ Lin but god, it's so hard for me to find his songs because I'm god awful at reading Chinese characters lmao #bananaproblems. I've been listening to his 因你而在 album recently and I love it soooooo much! Out of everything, these two are definitely my favourites. I would kill to see him live someday :( 

We Loved - Bolbbalgan4, 스무살

Kari recommended some Bolbbalgan4 songs to me not too long ago, and while I've known how popular they are in Korea, I can't believe it took me this long to get into their music! I like this duet a lot because I feel like their voices truly match each other.

Mood Indigo - CHEEZE

I actually came across this song through a random vlog I was watching recently. I've never heard of CHEEZE before this, but now I wish I did because Mood Indigo is such a beautiful song! I can't say that I've actually been in love before lol but this song is basically how I think being in love would feel like. You know what I mean? Okay, this is getting cheesy.. or should I say.. CHEEZE-y.... ha...hahaha...........

Please stop me from making lame jokes ever again, lol. Anyway, that's all for my playlist this month! What have you been listening to recently? :)

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