Saturday, 1 July 2017

What's in My Travel Makeup Bag

Hey guys! I meant to upload this before I went abroad but I messed up and didn't get to post it till now.. It's been a while since I've gone on holiday (and by a while I mean.. only half a year ago lol) so I wanted to share the contents of my travel makeup bag today. I find that the bigger my collection gets, the harder it is for me to pare down my essentials. I used to be able to fit everything in this makeup bag no problem, but now it's getting tougher to zip it up cos it's so full.. -_-

Enamel Pouch (#02 Paris) by The Saem

This is my trusty travel makeup bag that I've been using for almost 2 years from The Saem. I picked it because I liked the blue design but I never thought I'd actually get to bring it to Paris, which is awesome! It's pretty big and has convenient compartments to put your brushes in. Mine is looking pretty dirty since my concealer leaked all over it a while back..

I always keep my beauty products in my check-in bag so I'm not too fussed about how many liquids I carry but it's best to make sure that everything is secured tightly so that nothing explodes and makes a mess.

L-R: Face Blur (Etude House), Glow Ring Foundation (Son&Park), Cover Perfection Tip Concealer (The Saem), sponge brush (Sasa)

For base products, I have my favourite primer from Etude House. I didn't want to carry a liquid foundation so I brought my stick foundation from Son&Park. I use my concealer from The Saem for both my undereyes and any imperfections on my face, and I apply everything with my sponge brush from Sasa. I love this because I find it much easier to use compared to an actual makeup sponge/blender.. is that just me?

Brushes (L-R): Blush & fan brush (Yubiso), contour/angled brush (The Saem), powder brush (The Face Shop)
Products (clockwise from top left): Flawless Two-Way Foundation (Elemente USA), Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush in Blushing Bride (Tarte), Tarteist Pro Glow To Go (Tarte)

These are my powder products! Pretty self-explanatory for the most part. I purchased the Tarteist Pro Glow To Go because it comes with two highlighters and a contour shade, which I thought was perfect for traveling. I really love the way the cooler tone highlighter (Gleam) looks on my skin!

Brushes (L-R): Eyeshadow brushes from Vocemoda, Yubiso, Lancome
Products (clockwise from top left): Ultrafine Browcara in Latte Brown (Innisfree), Proof 10 Eye Primer (Etude House), Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner (Stila), eyelash curler (Sasa), They're Real mascara sample (Benefit), Naked Basics palette (Urban Decay)

I tried to go as minimal as possible with my eye products but looking at it now, it's not as minimal as I thought.. I've been getting good use out of my Naked Basics palette recently and its size and packaging is so perfect for travel! I actually decided to bring my little Benefit mascara instead of my usual Kissme Heroine Make mascara (cue shocked gasps) since it works well on my lashes and it's smaller and more convenient. I also may or may not have thrown in my holy grail Proof 10 Auto Pencil in BR401 Proof Brown from Etude House at the last minute.. It's perfect for a no-fuss eyeliner look, plus I occasionally use it to fill in any sparse areas in my brows.

L-R: Prep + Prime Lip (MAC), Liprotect Gel (Elemente USA), Collagen Ampoule Lipstick in #14 Moroccan Rose (The Face Shop), Satin Lipstick in M.A.C Red (MAC), Original Lipstick in #501 Bella (3CE)

Finishing things off with my lip products! Y'all already know how much I love and treasure all my lipsticks and letting myself only choose 3 to bring along was so hard.. I'm only going to be gone for over a week so it's impractical to bring any more but.. I just want to bring 20 lipsticks everywhere I go, is that so hard!!!!!!!!

I brought my MAC lip primer because it makes lipstick application super smooth and easy, as well as my Liprotect Gel which I use to moisturize my lips before bed. For my lipsticks, I chose my everyday  pinky-rosy colour that goes with everything, a cooler toned red lipstick (I had to bring this one because Paris = red lipstick!) as well as a purple berry shade. I made sure that they were all completely different tones so that I could have a bigger variety with my looks.

That's all for my travel makeup bag for my trip to Europe! I'm starting to stress out about what I'm going to pack for my Korea trip.. I'm definitely going to want to bring a crap ton of lipsticks, which means I'm going to need a bigger makeup bag. Sigh :(

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