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June '17 Playlist

Hi everyone! It has truly been a hot minute since I last put up a blog post, and I apologize for that :( I meant to post a couple while I was traveling but I got pretty caught up (aka, I was busy running around and eating lots of bread lol). Since I'm home again, my blog schedule will be going back to normal, and thank you for sticking around to read my posts, if you still are! I'm a little late this time (which I'm mad about) but nevertheless, here's what I've been into in terms of music this month.

Love Paint - NU'EST

At first I was really sad when I heard that the NU'EST members were going to be on Produce 101, because I really thought it was Pledis just ditching them because they clearly weren't doing well in terms of popularity. But in the end, it clearly worked out because Minhyun made it into the top 11 and NU'EST got a huge boost in popularity - and I have to admit, I definitely fell for them after PD101 too. I've liked a lot of their songs (Good Bye Bye & Overcome are so good) but I never bothered to get into the group till now and I totally regret it! Love Paint has been my obsession this entire month (Dongho/Baekho's voice in the chorus is insane, he's SO good) and I can't wait for NU'EST to come back this year. 

Really Really - WINNER

I'm a little bit late with this one but wow, Winner never fails to release absolute bops. I think what drew me to this song was Jinwoo's voice - since Taehyun left (T_T I miss Taehyun and I hope he's doing well with South Club now) I think he got a chance to show his vocals a little bit more and I LOVE it. This song is totally my style and I hope they keep on releasing music like this!

Lonely - SISTAR

We lost another legendary group T____T I've always loved SISTAR (I've been their fan since So Cool, and Bora is 100% my woman crush/role model!!) and while I'm still sad that they've disbanded, I'm glad they chose to do it while they were at their peak as a group. It's definitely a really nice way to go out, unlike other groups who had a more unfortunate disbandment (R.I.P 4minute and 2NE1..). I'm gonna miss them so much :(


Another great release from a YG group! I wasn't really feeling their other song (Bling Bling) but this was definitely super catchy, and they look super good in this music video :-) Yes, even Bobby and his Cruella de Vil hair, lol.

There's Nothing Holdin' Me Back - Shawn Mendes

I feel like I couldn't go anywhere without hearing this song this month, to be honest. It was playing all the time on the radio, in public, at cafes (especially when I was in London) and what can I say? I got hooked. I do like his music but this one tops everything, in my opinion. So catchy!

Miracle - WJSN

God, I could write a whole essay about how much I love this song! I mean, I know it's basically Secret 2.0, but that's a big part of why I love it, honestly. I think they made the right choice changing up their concept by choosing Happy as their title track, but a part of me really wishes they performed this song live more often. Yeonjung and Dayoung really shine in this track, which is perfect for me because they're both my favourites.

Cherry Bomb, 0 Mile - NCT127

Hi, it's me, your local NCT127 enthusiast. I can't even find the words to describe them anymore.. they're just amazing. Cherry Bomb is definitely a little weird and pretty jarring at first listen, but it really grows on you, and the more I watched the live performances and dance practices the more appreciation I had for NCT127. Seriously. Taeyong is a BEAST, OH MY GOD.

If you watch any of the videos on my list today (and if you really have... thank you so much LOL), please just watch this one. Skip to 3:50!! HE IS INSANE. How can someone exude so much stage presence??? I can see why SM pushes him so much as the centre because fuck, he's just that good. Wow.

Nocturne - JUNGGIGO

Finally ending this somewhat-longer-than-it-needed-to-be post with this Junggigo song, released last year. Admittedly, the only song of his that I knew was his crazy popular duet with Soyou that he did a couple years back, but this came up on my Spotify randomly and I was truly hooked. He's super talented!

And that's all for my playlist this time around :) What have you been listening to recently?

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