Tuesday, 18 July 2017

FIA Graduation: Reminiscing, and What's Next?

I finally graduated from college! And my hair is red (again).

We had our graduation ceremony last Tuesday and I thought it was pretty neat how we started and ended on the exact same date, just a year apart.

I don't talk much about it on here, but in case you didn't know, I was studying in Sunway's Foundation in Arts program from July 2016 up until now. I've never really had any big reason for choosing FIA over the other pre-uni programs available (besides the fact that it seems.. less stressful? Which I guess it is, but I can't say that it wasn't stressful at all lol), but looking back I think I made the right choice. I liked being able to base half of my grades off of coursework and the other half on exams, rather than my entire grade being my exam grade. Bruh, that shit is real stressful.

Honestly speaking, my FIA experience was definitely a positive one, but I'm ready to put it behind me and move forward. The past year went by pretty fast - like, way too fast, and it's all a big blur to me. I'm not really the type to get involved with.. most things, really, and I fell into a daily routine of simply going to class and going straight home afterwards. I suppose that's probably the reason why it wasn't as memorable to me as it could have been.. I'll admit that I'm at fault too, because I closed myself off from most people and never put in much effort to, you know, do anything with my social life besides sit on my phone lol.

With that being said, I met some great friends and lecturers at college and generally had a really nice time - still so grateful to them for helping and being there for me for the past year. And surprisingly, my grades weren't as bad as I expected! Which is kind of amazing, because my expectations are always pretty low, yet they managed to exceed them even more than usual this time, lol.

Graduating was one of the many things I was looking forward to this summer, and now all that's left is my Korea trip (!!!). I'm starting university right after I get back, which makes me sad because I've been enjoying my summer way too much, but it's about time I got off my ass and started studying again.

My future plans besides first year of uni are still up in the air - I'm thinking about transferring overseas after that (maybe back to Korea? Fingers crossed!), but if that doesn't work out I'm okay with getting my degree here too (and then get my master's overseas hehe). But really, anything could happen at this point. Hell, 2 years ago I wouldn't even have imagined that I would be back in KL finishing my pre-uni studies already.

Family shot (minus dad ;_;)! My baby brother is over a head taller than me now and it makes me sad. Mostly because I'm done growing and he isn't..

I still can't believe that in a month's time, I'm going to be a university student. It's time to put my big girl pants on and face the real world -_-

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