Tuesday, 6 June 2017

I SEOUL U Concert @ KLCC Convention Centre

It's been about 4 days since my finals ended and I've been bored out of my mind.. but at least I have the time to finally update my blog and talk about the I SEOUL U concert that I attended two weeks ago! I was really excited to be there because although I've already seen Red Velvet and Yesung live before, it was my first time seeing NCT 127 (and you guys already know how much I love them) and they definitely didn't disappoint.

I SEOUL U is the official slogan of Seoul, and while it kind of doesn't make much sense, the official Korean translation is "나와 너의 서울", which means "yours and my Seoul". I've seen a bunch of different definitions and interpretations of the English slogan, but I suppose it's up to an individual to figure out what it really means. Personally, I think it's supposed to be reminiscent to the phrase "I heart you", except "heart" is replaced with "Seoul". No?

This concert was sponsored by the Seoul Metropolitan Government, and their aim was to promote Seoul as a tourist destination to Malaysians. Which, obviously, was a good idea, because Malaysia has a shit lot of K-pop fans who all want to go to Korea anyway lolol. Including me. Even though I've already been there for longer than I needed to be lol.

Since the news of this concert and the fact that their tickets were going to be free came out, I decided to go with my friends Ashley and Wee Fang, even though it was a week before finals bc #yolo. However, the website was slow as fuck on the ticket redemption day because everyone was trying to access it, and I was in class so I wasn't exactly able to focus on getting the tickets, but in the end Ashley managed to get them for us.

Literally so hard to get these, and (as you can see by our zone number) they weren't even that good anyway. HAIH MY LIFE.

Waiting in line to go inside the venue! I think we waited for about 2 hours before we got in and the concert started.


But I digress. I didn't pay for the tickets and there was a nice, big screen above us so that we could at least see what was going on. So I shouldn't complain :-) Though I was super emo upon watching my friends' Snapchats and IG stories and discovering that they had VIP tickets and had the best view ever, basically. Sigh..

For the opening act, they had Malaysian girl group De Fam, along with rapper Altimet perform and they were both pretty good! I was impressed. There was also a magician performance as well.

First act of the night was Red Velvet! I've been a fan of Red Velvet ever since their debut, and it was so great to see them perform again (I saw them performing at music shows many times, since their promotions happened to overlap with JJCC's). They were here promoting Rookie before without Joy (since she was filming her drama, I think) and it was nice to see them back with her this time! They performed Dumb Dumb, Little Little, Russian Roulette and Rookie.

If you were wondering, Yeri is my favourite! She's such a cute and lovely energy pill and she's seriously so beautiful. Can't believe we're the same age..

The MC had asked them to talk about their favourite spots in Seoul, which I found pretty funny because while Joy and Yeri were giving their answers, they stumbled a lot and were adjusting their earpieces often. I'm pretty sure someone was reciting something into their earpieces for them to say, because they really only gave textbook answers to the questions lol. Still cute though!

After RV was NCT 127!!!! OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!! I couldn't control my feelings at that point lolol I was so super happy and I didn't care that I was so far away from the stage (just kidding. I still did. But I wasn't as annoyed as before, I think..). Honestly, someone needs to do something about their coordi, because their outfits were awful and they were all wearing weird hats (but on hindsight, I guess it was to cover their new hair colours/styles for the next comeback).

The original 7 came out to perform Firetruck and Once Again, before bringing out Johnny and Doyoung to do Limitless and Good Thing.

Me thinking about Johnny :')

Yes, I have a MASSIVE CRUSH ON SEO YOUNGHO AKA JOHNNY OF NCT 127. I can't really explain it but.. yeah. He is handsome and tall and American and has a cute lisp and is ripped af (bruh.. those arms). He also waited 9 years to debut and was supposed to be an EXO member.

Also, he is really beautiful. YOU'RE WELCOME. Some people say that he looks like Jojo from Horton Hears a Who and, um.. I have to admit, I kinda see it.

Yep.. Johnny. It was nice to hear him and Mark speaking in English, though it would've been nice to hear Winwin speak in Chinese or even Jaehyun's English (oh Jeffrey..). They did a really great job and honestly, I'd kill to go to an NCT concert someday in the future. Please, SM, make this happen. You've been taking my money since 2010, might as well take the rest of it at this rate.

Finally Yesung came up to perform, and that was a pretty surreal and emotional moment for me, let me tell you that. Super Junior was the very first K-pop group that I actually loved and followed as a fan, and I have a lot of special memories involving them (the very first concert I ever attended was Super Show 3 in Malaysia. I was barely 12 years old at the time too lol) and while I fell out of love eventually, they've always held a special place in my heart. Okay, I'm going to be extra honest and admit that yes, I was one of those fickle fans who basically dropped SJ for EXO once EXO made their debut.. I'm sorry :( But it's funny because I don't even properly follow any SM groups anymore lol.

He sang It Has To Be You (omg I almost cried seriously it's been AGES since I heard this song), Here I Am, Fly and Paper Umbrella. His performance was fantastic as always (I still strongly stand by my opinion of Kyuhyun, Ryeowook and Yesung being some of the best male vocalists in K-pop) and it was super cute how he tried his best to speak some English during the talking portion but gave up and spoke Korean anyway. 

I know I complained about the shitty zone that I happened to be in but it gave a pretty nice view of the rest of the crowd, who were almost all holding pearl sapphire blue lightsticks for Yesung. It's nice to see that SJ still has so many faithful and loving fans all over the world, especially in Malaysia, and it made me so nostalgic just remembering my ELF days. Both my biases are in the army right now (Donghae and Ryeowook - although Donghae is scheduled to complete his army service soon!!) but I know I'll definitely be following Super Junior again once they make their next comeback.

Cute Taeyong fan that Ashley got after the show!

All in all, I still had a really good time and it definitely brought me back to my early days of being a K-pop fan. I don't really attend concerts or buy albums anymore (I've sold off a good portion of my older albums - check out my Carousell if you're interested hehe please take some of them off my hands) unless they're for fansigns but I'd definitely consider going to another SM concert again someday - especially if it involves NCT! PLEASE. MAKE IT HAPPEN SM. PLEASE I'M BEGGING YOU.

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