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May '17 Playlist

Hi! I probably shouldn't be blogging right now since I literally just started my finals week but oh well.. I only have 3 more papers left and I haven't posted in two weeks so it should be fine... right? :D I've been pretty busy and (honestly speaking) feeling somewhat unmotivated when it comes to blogging recently but I really wanted to make sure that I got this post up for this month, at the very least. I haven't been satisfied with any of the content that I've been putting out lately but I'm finally getting to travel again this summer and I can't wait to blog about everything I'm getting up to again!

Anyway, without further ado, let's get into the music I've been into this month.

Basically every JJ Lin song in existence

Yeah.. uh.. I didn't really have another way to put that. But let it be known that this was officially the month that I became obsessed with JJ Lin. Seriously. I put the playlist of all his songs on Spotify on shuffle and listen to them over and over again because there really isn't a single song of his that I dislike! His voice is just so perfect to me and I can't get over it.. I talked about a song of his in my previous playlist post but I've since discovered a bunch more that I really love. The Key is by far my absolute favourite and I want this played at my future wedding :-)

Here are a few more songs of his that I've been loving:

Can You Feel It - Pentagon

On the K-pop side of things.. yes, I found yet another group to stan. My friend Ashley first sent me a couple of videos of Yuto at the end of last year and I thought that he was cute and funny but I didn't start really getting into them until this month. Which is a shame, because they're so loveable!!! T_T All of their music is fantastic (seriously, the b-sides on both their albums are fantastic. I don't have a single one I don't like) and they have great personalities. Chels and I are super into them now, plus they're having a comeback soon and I can't wait for it!

..and if you must know, my favourite in the group is Yeo One. But I have a really soft spot for Edawn. And Shinwon. ...and Kino. Actually, I just really love all of them.

credit: everyeoone

Ok but.. Yeo One though. HEART EYES.

credit: everyeoone

OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!

Dead - Madison Beer

I've been waiting for new music from Madison Beer for ages! I've been a fan of hers since her first song Melodies (though it's not really my style) and I spent many years wishing that I looked like her lmao but she's a really beautiful girl and her voice has seriously improved a lot. I'm loving her new style of music, too! So excited for her to release new stuff.

Baby - ASTRO

THE CUTEST GROUP ALIVE!!!! I really and truly love Astro.. it was love at first sight when I saw them at all the music shows promoting their debut song Hide and Seek. It's been great seeing them grow as artists and I like how they manage to stick to their cute, fresh concept without it being boring or repetitive. They're such a talented group of boys and I hope they get recognised for it soon!

Also, because I just want to share my fangirl story.. at one of the music shows I went to last year, Astro was waiting at the side of the stage to go up, so my friend and I held up signs on our phone for Rocky to see (he's our favourite in Astro hehe) and his reaction was too adorable! He was smiling and waving at us and aaahhhh okay I'm gonna chill now but he was such a precious baby ;_; (he's the one at 1:36 of the music video, by the way! Totally my type.. :D)

Why Do You Care - RONDE

I distinctly remember the moment I first heard this song.. I was window shopping at Mango (because I waste all my time looking at pretty clothes and not buying them lol) and this was playing and I liked it instantly, but the volume was too low for Shazam to pick it up so I had to frantically look up the lyrics online lolol. I don't know why, but I thought it was a guy singing it at first! Ronde has a really unique and interesting voice and this song is super catchy.

love (ft. Syd) - DEAN

Dean singing in English? SIGN ME UP. His Korean releases are always amazing, of course, but I have a soft spot for his English music, since the first song of his I ever heard was I'm Not Sorry. This collab was a bit unexpected to me (I can't believe he worked with Syd! As in, Syd Tha Kyd from Odd Future!! What!!!!) but it works perfectly, and I'm in love (pun intended) with this song.

Attention - Charlie Puth

Besides See You Again and his songs with Selena Gomez and Meghan Trainor, I don't know much about Charlie Puth but this song had me seriously hooked from the very first listen. And.. I don't know what else to say about it LOL but I love it!

Flower (You) - VAV

Ending this post with yet another great VAV song :') It's a bit more mellow and the lyrics are definitely sadder than their usual stuff but I love it! The music video aesthetics are gorgeous too.. If you follow me on Twitter you may know this already but, uh, I've been falling hard for Ayno recently :-) He is so cute!!!! The members also mentioned that yet another comeback is in the works and I can't wait. Anyway, GIVE JACOB MORE LINES HE DESERVES IT #JUSTICEFORJACOB

That sums up my favourite songs for the month! What have you been listening to recently? :)

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