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Laneige Pure Radiant Shadow in No.10 Rosebay Garden | Review & Swatches

Welcome to my very first beauty review blog post! Today I'm going to review the Pure Radiant Shadow eyeshadow quad by Laneige in the shade Rosebay Garden. I received this as a birthday gift from my aunt and from the moment I got it, I was way too excited to start using it! Featuring plenty of different yet beautiful combinations the Pure Radiant Shadows are described on the Laneige website as a "ultra-fine, highly pigmented shadow" with a "moist, soft texture", and are perfect for creating a nice, put-together look with just four shadows.

I'm pretty sure everyone and their mom knows and loves Descendants of the Sun here.. I happened to come across this photo on the Aritaum Instagram page - this quad was actually used as a part of one of Song Hyekyo's on-screen looks! If these shadows are gonna get me a man like Song Joongki then sign me up 8) lol

Rosebay Garden features some really lovely pinky, rosy shades that I love! I'm a big fan of my Naked 3 palette (I talked about it in this post) so this colour selection was right up my alley. An official description taken from the Laneige website:

No. 10 Rosebay Garden - drawing up an attractive colour produced by sparing the feminine (beige pink/dry rose/pink moscato/burgundy wine)

The packaging is very simple and pretty, just like most Laneige beauty products.

I'm so in love with the colour selection!! I love warm-toned eyeshadows and god, that dark reddish-pink colour is beautiful..

The quad also comes with a small dual sided applicator and brush. I found the brush to be quite stiff and uncomfortable on the eyes but the applicator was fine! Either way, when it comes to brushes included with palettes, I prefer to use my own brushes instead.

Top to bottom: Beige Pink, Dry Rose, Pink Moscato, Burgundy Wine

Taken in natural sunlight. I think the pigmentation might be a bit too sheer for those who prefer vibrant, highly pigmented shadows, but for those of you that like Korean eyeshadows (like me!!) the quality and colour payoff are great! They apply really nice and smoothly, and I really like that I can slowly build up the colour to create a natural and soft finish.

With flash. All the colours are quite shimmery/satiny to some extent (Beige Pink and Pink Moscato are definitely the more glittery ones).

This is a look that I've being doing with this quad recently.

After applying eyeshadow primer, I pat Dry Rose all over the lid and halfway on my bottom lid, and then using a pencil brush I apply Burgundy Wine right above my lash line and blend the two shades together to create a gradient effect. This "backwards" gradient effect is great tip I learned for applying eyeshadows on hooded eyelids! Using my finger, I take Pink Moscato and pat it directly in the middle of my eyelid for a more glittery effect, and then using the eyeshadow applicator that comes with the quad, I take Beige Pink and highlight my brow bone, as well as my inner corner and the other half of my bottom lid. To finish everything off I take my eyeliner brush and take the dark brown shade from my (now discontinued ;_;) Bobbi Brown Classic Eye & Cheek palette to line my upper lash line, winging it out very slightly. I prefer this over regular eyeliner for a day-to-day basis, simply because it looks softer and more natural!

Here is my final look! I really like how it turned out, and I know that this quad is going to become a staple in my daily makeup routine in no time. I definitely recommend the Laneige Pure Radiant Shadows for those who like Korean eyeshadows, and for those who are lazy to think about eyeshadow combinations and prefer to have everything they need in one place. If I ever ran out of this (god, I hope not, I love this so much lol), I'd definitely repurchase it again!

The Laneige Pure Radiant Shadow quads are sold at any Laneige store, as well as Aritaum in Korea.

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