Saturday, 29 April 2017

April '17 Playlist

Hey everyone, April is pretty much over and it's gonna be May. :D Time for me to share my music favourites of the month again! Can you believe that 1/3 of the year has already passed? Geez.. I feel like the older I get, the faster time gets. Anyway, without further ado, let's get into what songs I've been loving this month!

Palette (ft. G-DRAGON) - IU

Queen IU is finally back! I knew this was going to be a hit as soon as I saw that GD was featuring on her song - they're both known for topping the charts whenever they release new music, and this song is no different. The lyrics are really sweet yet kind of melancholy, and while sometimes rap parts in these kinds of songs can kind of ruin the flow, GD's part fits in so well. My top played track of the month for sure!

Back:Hug - SNUPER

It's Snoopy!!! While I'm not the biggest fan of them, I do like all the members and their music (everyone needs to listen to Platonic Love aka iconic friend zone anthem) and Backhug really exceeded my expectations. I love love love the 80s-esque(?) sound that they have going on here and if they keep releasing quality music, I might really have to get into them more. Also, Sebin looks really, really hot in this music video. And I have a really soft spot for Sangil and I like his parts in the song. My bias is Taewoong fyi :-)

Beautiful - MONSTA X

YES. YEESSSSSS!!! I've been OBSESSED with this song all month. While I haven't paid much attention to their music recently (the last MX title track I really liked was Rush) I'm glad I decided to listen to Beautiful, because it's just my style and this concept suits them perfectly. Hoping that their next release wins the #1 spot on music shows that they deserve!

FWU - Kehlani

Yep.. it's Kehlani again, did we expect anything different? I love her! This came up on my Spotify discover playlist and it's a really catchy song.

Will You Go Out With Me - DIA

I'll be honest - out of all the IOI members I probably like Chaeyeon the least (nothing wrong with her! I just like the other girls more) and the only DIA song that I actually liked was Somehow. I wasn't going to listen to this song but I ended up giving it a chance and I.. got addicted. :B Glad that I gave DIA a chance!

Bounce Back - Big Sean

Another song that came up on my Spotify discover playlist! I love this song, and I think it's safe to say that Big Sean is one of my favourite rappers right now (along with Kendrick Lamar & Tyler The Creator).

不潮不用花钱 - JJ Lin

I know what you're all thinking.. Yuki is actually listening to Chinese music that isn't 小幸运???? MIND-BLOWING. I have an explanation - my mom really likes watching Chinese singing TV shows and I like to watch them with her in the evenings (and yes, I can understand like 80% of what is going on lmao). Recently we've been watching 谁是大歌神 and JJ Lin performed this song on one of the episodes and then my life changed forever (lol dramatic much). I've been super hooked on this song and his voice is just.. T_T SO amazing.

Liability - Lorde

This song is so sad and so relatable.. I think this is the first time I've ever heard a proper ballad-style song from Lorde (is it her first official ballad?) and her voice just gives that edge to the song making it more addictive than a regular ballad. Tugs at my heartstrings, man.. ;_;

Night Rather Than Day - EXID

EXID is really outstanding when it comes to their music. I like the direction that LE has taken them into, and while I'm sad that Solji isn't here for this comeback, I think it's great that Hyelin and Junghwa are getting a good amount of lines this time!

Press It (album) - TAEMIN

Ending the list with an album this time! This album was released last year but I found myself listening to it a lot this month for some reason (nostalgia, maybe?). Taemin has really proven himself as a solo artist and I genuinely love all the music he's released (especially his Japanese singles). While I obviously love Drip Drop and Press Your Number, I've been really into One By One and Until Today

What have you been listening to recently? :)

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