Thursday, 30 March 2017

March '17 Playlist

Hi everyone! I'm a bit late on this blog post again.. since I've been busy recently I was going to put this off for a couple more days but I realised that it's the last day of March and I should write this asap. T_T Many apologies in advance..

Today I'm going to share my playlist for the month! March went by a lot quicker than I thought - this year is really going by way too fast. I still can't believe it's almost April (my birthday month!!!!!!!)!

That's What I Like - Bruno Mars

I still haven't listened to any of Bruno's new stuff besides 24K Magic and this song, which I chanced upon when someone shared a clip of this MV on Twitter. Man, he's so talented and his music is just too good.. T__T That's What I Like is hella catchy! King of vocals and king of dancing

Sing Me To Sleep - Alan Walker

Funny story - I kept hearing this song whenever I went window shopping (yes, that's another one of my hobbies lmao) and it was stuck in my head for so long that I gave up and looked it up on Shazam in the middle of the store. I love this! And I also realised how outdated I was when I saw the view count..

Jealous ft. Lexii Alijai - Kehlani

Kehlani's music never disappoints (even Taeyeon agrees!) and I've been super hooked on this song recently. I came across this after hearing it in the background of a Youtube video and I had to look it up cos it's way too good! Lexii's verse is fire too.

Delicate - Scott Quinn

Wow.. I can't even find words to describe how much I love this song. I'm so glad that Namjoon tweeted about Scott Quinn, because otherwise I wouldn't have discovered this! Out of every song on my playlist this month, I've been listening to this the most. Scott Quinn has such a unique, kind of rough voice and this song gives me crazy chills. I looooooove it.


My girls are back!! GFRIEND is definitely one of my favourite girl groups (if not my favourite!), and with their catchy songs and awesome choreography, I can't help but fall more and more in love with them with every comeback. I love that Fingertip is a completely new style for them, yet it still has that GFRIEND feel, and Hear The Wind Sing is such a beautiful song (the instrumental is SO good). And that is all for now from your resident GFRIEND lover. :-)

Spring Again - Cao Lu, Kisum, Yerin

When it comes to catchy spring songs, Korea always gets it right, and they've done it again with Spring Again (hehe get it I made a pun :D)! This was a shock to me, because this is a combination of 3 girls that I never imagined would collaborate, but somehow it works. Yerin isn't my favourite GFRIEND member (I like Umji and SinB the best) but her voice is so sweet and lovely and fits this song perfectly! The lyrics are 100% relatable too.


Oohyo is the singer that I never knew I needed in my life. I had heard about her previously, but I hadn't really listened to her music before until this song came out. Her voice is so.. chill, and it somehow feels like she's talking to me..? If any of you catch my drift HAHA it sounds weird but her voice is just so comforting! 


Okay.. I take back what I previously said about this song. I wasn't too impressed with Wee Woo at first (although I LOVE Pristin!), since the song sounded kind of disjointed and I didn't like the "super super hero" part, but after a couple more listens.. I got hooked. I think Pristin is incredibly talented and they really have the chance to become a top tier group if they release more music soon! (I still haven't decided who my favourite member is yet.. I love Xiyeon and Kyla but Rena and Roa are GORGEOUS.. actually they're all gorgeous T__T how to be like them)

Change - Rap Monster, Wale

Now THIS is a collaboration I love! I'm unbelievably proud of Namjoon and BTS, so many western artists have been wanting to collaborate with them recently and it makes me so happy to see them doing so well internationally. I love Namjoon's English rap and wow, Wale's lyrics are just too real. I think the message behind this song is really powerful as well.

Suki Na Hito Dake Ni - Ao Haru Ride OST

I finished watching Ao Haru Ride 3 years ago but the OST is just timeless for me.. I like listening to sad instrumental music when I feel like shit and want to wallow in my sadness (lmao hashtag keepin it real!!!) and this has been my go-to song recently. I still love Ao Haru Ride - both the anime and the manga (would anyone be interested in a blog post about my top favourite anime? Because I'd totally do it. I'D TOTALLY DO IT.) and this song definitely brings back memories of me sitting in my room wishing I had a boyfriend like Kou. T_____T

That's about it for my playlist this month! :) Every time I write one of these posts, I realize just how all over the place my music taste is.. What have you been listening to recently?


  1. That's What I Like is so catchy! Been listening to it all week! x

    1. Omg! Hi Erin! I'm a silent reader of your blog, so surprised to receive your comment :)

  2. Super agree with 바람에 날려, 왜 또 봄이야, and WEE WOO!
    WEE WOO's been stuck in my head for a while now :(


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