Monday, 20 March 2017

Makeup Look That I've Been Doing Recently (Hooded Lids)

Remember how I said I wasn't really good at eye makeup? I decided to try and change that recently and started putting my Naked 3 palette to good use! My eye shape is still kind of hard to work with and I've been trying out all sorts of looks (because as most of you know, I used to do winged brown eyeliner every day and while it looked okay, I didn't realize how small it made my eyes looked -__-) but I think I've finally found one that works for me.

I recently discovered a Youtuber (Jessie Ye) who has pretty much the same eye shape as me, which is AMAZING because I have hooded eyelids and while there are plenty of Youtubers with hooded eyelids out there, their shapes are vastly different from mine and I can't quite imitate the looks that they do. So super glad that I found her because I think my eyeshadow skills improved a lot more after watching her videos.

I love her! (I hope she sees this because seriously. I love her. lol)

Let's move on to the makeup - I didn't include photos of the products this time, though T_T Sorry!

First I start by applying Etude House Beauty Shot Face Blur as my primer. Love this product so much because it really does make my face look instantly brighter and smoother after a single layer! Then I move onto my holy grail item, The Saem Cover Perfection Tip Concealer in shade #02. The coverage is great, especially if you apply it with your fingers. Afterwards I go in with my SON & PARK Glow Ring Foundation in the shade #21 and blend it out with my makeup sponge. I've been reaching for this product so much recently because it's so easy to apply and has much better coverage than my cushion foundations. Before I set my face with my Innisfree No-Sebum Mineral Powder, I first apply my Bobbi Brown Desert Pink blush and do a bit of shading on my jawline with Too Cool For School Art Class by Rodin.

Moving on to my eyes! Since my eyelids are hooded AND oily, I have to go in with my Etude House Proof 10 Eye Primer before anything. Definitely my holy grail eye primer and I refuse to use any eye primer other than this one. Using my Urban Decay Naked 3 palette, I apply the shade Limit all over my lid, and then I pat either Dust or Buzz onto the centre of the lid for a tiny bit of sparkle. I also take my Sephora smudge eyeshadow brush to apply both shades underneath my eyes (I only bring it down about halfway, though). To top it off I line my lids very thinly with Etude House Proof10 Auto Pencil in the shade BR401. This is my all time favourite eyeliner and since I've stopped drawing it all over my eyelid and winging it out, I'm happy that I've found a good way to keep it in my makeup routine! I then curl my lashes and apply Kiss Me Heroine Make Long & Curl mascara and put Innisfree Ultrafine Browcara in Latte Brown on my brows. 

Once I've applied my Burts Bees lip balm and my The Face Shop Collagen Ampoule Lipstick in Moroccan Rose (so nice and moisturizing, and it's such a gorgeous shade!! If anyone knows any good dupes for this colour please let me know) I'm done with the look!


Ok, just wanted to quickly point out the difference in the eye look I do now vs. the eye look that I used to do! I still think heavy winged eyeliner looks great, but it's pretty clear that less eyeliner opens my eyes up more and makes them look less.. constricted? If you know what I mean. Shoutout to all my hooded eyelid friends out there, the struggle is too real T_T

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