Tuesday, 14 March 2017

How I Edit My Instagram Photos

Hi! Sorry I haven't been around for a while, life has been kind of crazy and I didn't have much to blog about.. Hopefully I can get back on track with my blogging schedule because I really enjoy it so much :)

I care way too much about my Instagram photos and how they look - honestly, it's kind of useless lmao but I love having a nice, cohesive feed and after years of trying I think I finally have a proper theme down! Today I'm going to show you how I take my pictures and edit them.

When it comes to taking pictures, natural sunlight is always best so I like to take them outside, near a window, or at least under some bright lights. Also, when you're editing photos, it's best to turn your screen brightness to the maximum level so you can see exactly how they turn out!

I'm also really strict about planning my feed - I used to have a private Instagram with 0 followers just so I could post my photos and see how they look like before I uploaded them to my main account (lmao so extra) but now that I switched back to editing on VSCO I keep them all in the VSCO folder. I think this is really helpful if you want to have a nice, cohesive look to your feed!

My small collection of photography/editing apps.

I have two "feeds" or "themes" that I quite like - one is the pink theme that I had during my Korea trip in December, and the other is the clean blue feed that I have (and am trying extremely hard to maintain lol) right now.

For my pink feed, I pretty much exclusively used the app Analog Paris. The Analog collection of apps all cost money (and are only available on iOS T_T) so I suggest looking through the Instagram tags (e.g. #analogparis, #analogtokyo etc.) and purchasing the ones that you think you will use the most. Or you can just buy them all :D

Here is a quick overview of the editing process:

This is the original photo! For my feed in particular, I made sure to post photos that didn't have much blue in them so that they'd match a bit better. So this isn't really the best example.. T_T

These are the three filters I used the most:




I don't like putting the filter up all the way - I usually kept it at about 60-70% so that even though there was an obvious filter, it still didn't look "fake" and over edited. That's just my preference though, if you like that kind of stuff, go for it!

I also adjust the exposure because I love bright photos, and I'll turn the saturation up about 20% because I love brightly coloured photos too. :p For the pink feed, I also turned up the temperature a notch, so that it has a warmer feel.

Some photos just wouldn't match the feed no matter how hard I tried, so I also used the Foodie app to edit them! It has a bunch of different coloured filters, but they do have some really pretty pink filters as well.



I just adjust the filter levels to my liking and then go back to Analog Paris to edit the exposure, saturation, temperature etc. Once I'm finished, I go to my private account to see how the photo looks with my feed. It's definitely a trial-and-error process, and it was pretty time consuming T_T But I seriously LOVED my feed at the time! It was just too hard to maintain..

After a while I decided to start my current "clean" blue theme with the app VSCO (I've been using it for YEARS and it hasn't disappointed me yet!). 

For this one, I focused on taking more pictures of my surroundings and.. selfies. Yes. I find this so much easier to maintain, though :D

This is the original photo.

I purchased the S Series (Bright + Clean) filters on VSCO and I've been using them religiously! My absolute favourite is S2, but sometimes I will use S3 depending on the photo.

Here is the after!

After applying the filter, I added brightness (+2.3), saturation (+1.4), turned down the temperature (-2.0) and the contrast (-0.8) and added clarity (+1.1). The clarity is SO important to me, it makes all the difference in making your photos look nice and clear.

This is what it looks like with my current feed. In my eyes it doesn't actually match 100% so I wouldn't upload this, but you can see that since I edited most of my previous photos in the same way, it's far more cohesive and matches my theme well.

There's one more app that I love so much and I actually hesitated sharing with you guys (because a lot of my recent selfies are edited with this app and I felt shy admitting it LOL) but THIS IS AN HONEST SPACE, Y'ALL. And I gotta share this treasure u_u When it comes to photos of myself I like to use BeautyCam (a.k.a Meituxiuxiu) to make my skin a bit more smoother and my face a bit smaller HAHAHAHA TRUST ME it doesn't make a GIANT difference to the original photo (because to keep it somewhat natural looking I will turn the effect down quite low) but I like it very very much because it gives you good selfies every single time. Trust me on this. 

I'm gonna show you the editing process now - I might regret this someday LMFAO BUT I GOTTA SHARE THE MAGIC OF BEAUTYCAM!

This is the launching screen - make sure to press the big pink "selfie" button at the bottom (I don't like using the other functions because I feel like they look very.. artificial on me D:).

Ok I'm gonna use this old pic of me from back when I was living in Seoul and I was like 7kg heavier than I am now lmfao. Look at that round egg face!

All I do is select the photo and Beautycam does the magic for me.

OMG!!!!!!!! Went from 肥婆 to 女神 with just one click!!! AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!

The app will automatically set the filter to level 5 but it looks quite weird so I like to bring it down to level 3 so that it still stays somewhat natural-looking. As you can see, it slimmed down my face and evened out my skin tone (goodbye dark circles :D), as well as made my eyes verrrrrry slightly bigger. It's not the hugest difference but I like it very much! 

And that's all for how I edit my Instagram! :) Hope you guys find the tips somewhat helpful (especially the BeautyCam one. That shit changed my life) and see you in my next post!


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