Tuesday, 28 February 2017

February '17 Playlist

We've finally made it to the end of February, so I'm here to share my top favourite songs of this month with you guys! This month was pretty good in terms of K-pop comebacks and discovering new music. I totally don't regret getting a proper Spotify membership now, I'm obsessed and I can't believe I went so long without one..

Dance With Me - VAV 

MY BOYS ARE BACK!! I was BEYOND excited to hear that Ryan Jhun joined the company and produced their new song because I knew it was going to be fun and catchy (and I was right!). Out of all the songs VAV has released, I think this one definitely showcases their talents in all the right ways and I'm so glad this got them more recognition. While I'm still sad about the previous members leaving the group, I think the new members are really fun and bring a new energy to VAV, and I love them a lot now! They also brought up the average height.. sorry Ace lmao

My First and Last, Dunk Shot - NCT DREAM

My children :') I'm sure you all know how much I love NCT, and this subunit is no different. Although I enjoyed Chewing Gum, this comeback is WAY more my style and I love how cute and talented the members are! Never in my life did I ever expect to become a noona fan but.. yeah, it happened lmao. I love Renjun!!!

The Bad Guys - Zion.T

Zion.T released a new album recently, and while all the songs are great, I've been obsessed with this song in particular. There's something about the sort-of lazy vibe that the song gives out that makes it so addictive, and I love the way he 'raps' (it's more like he's talking than rapping, I think? Whatever it is, I like it :D). Also, the lyrics are incredibly relatable (나도 부자 되고싶어ㅠㅠㅠㅠ).

Some Kind Of Drug ft. Marc E. Bassy - G-Eazy

I came across this song on a random playlist on Spotify that I was listening to and just.. YES. I love the vibe and the lyrics of this song. It may not a recent release but I'm still hooked and it's become a staple in my shower playlist. And yes, I'm that girl blasting music at full volume in the shower lol. I'm actually considering getting a shower speaker..

Cave Me In - Gallant x Tablo x Eric Nam

Such an unexpectedly perfect collaboration that I never knew the world needed! I love all 3 of them and their music individually and this song just.. works. I'm so glad this happened! Also, can we talk about Eric Nam's voice here?! He needs to do more R&B asap, his voice suits it too well.

Not Today - BTS

I'm sure everyone and their mom knows that BTS are back with new music. They've been gaining plenty of recognition with the new songs (for good reason!) and I'm really enjoying the style of music that they're going for recently (NOT TODAY IS LIT). I've been a fan of them since 2014 and while they aren't my top favourite K-pop group anymore, I still love them and their music and I'm incredibly proud of their achievements!

Tina - MASC

I got to know MASC through a good friend of mine on Twitter (seriously, I know all of the members' names and faces now, and I've never even looked their profiles up LOL 26 and Heejae are quite cute) and I'm really loving this song! Also, I appreciate the clever song title, because at first I thought they just picked a random girl name to use but I realised that Tina is from 티가 나다 (so.. 티 나 for short), which means it's obvious/I can tell.

Evanesce - Super Junior

If you really know me, you'd know that Super Junior was the very first K-pop group that I truly loved and stanned (seriously, even my friends who don't care for K-pop knew that I was a Donghae fan lmao), and I came across this song on Spotify randomly after not listening to it for years, and I fell in love with it all over again! There's a certain kind of comfort for me that comes from listening to SJ (probably because even now, I can still tell which member is singing at any point of the song) and I'm actually pretty excited for the next time they come back.. whenever that will be T__T

Body Talk - Red Velvet

While I liked Rookie, this B-side from the album had me hooked from the first listen. Joy's voice sounds AWESOME here and I love the beat in this song! Red Velvet's upbeat concepts are awesome and all, but man, their talents just shine so much more through their mature concepts.

Don't Recall - K.A.R.D

DSP isn't known for making very good decisions, but I definitely think K.A.R.D is the best decision they've made recently. I used to think that co-ed groups could never work when it comes to new K-pop (RIP Co-ed School, you guys had some great jams) but wow, I was so wrong.. All the members are amazing and talented and SO attractive. I loved Oh NaNa but Don't Recall is way more my style!

What did you listen to this month? :)

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