Friday, 27 January 2017

What's In My Bag?

Hello everyone! How is your CNY going so far? I'm currently at my grandparents' house in Pahang, attempting to blog with this shitty wifi (oh well, better bad wifi than no wifi at all) but it's been going all right for me. Is anyone else feeling kind of bored during CNY..? T__T I feel like the older I get, the less fun it becomes.. 

Today I'm going to get a little more personal and show you what I carry around with me basically every day. I'll refrain from including the trash in my bag (wrappers, receipts and general junk that I like to toss in there while I'm out) but trust me, it's usually pretty messy.

The bag: My mom got this for me in the US a while back (my very first branded handbag!) so I don't know what kind it is, but I looked it up and I'm pretty sure this is the Michael Kors Selma Leather Satchel in Blossom.

There isn't really any aesthetic going on here, unfortunately :p My bag is just a mess.

Makeup bag: This is a Ryan pouch that I got from the Kakao Friends Flagship store in Gangnam. I honestly have an unnecessarily huge amount of makeup bags already and I didn't need to get this, but alas.. :B

Innisfree No-Sebum Mineral Pact: Absolutely necessary for my makeup touch-ups, since I have oily skin. I also apply this on my eyelids (you can find out why here).

Clean & Clear Oil Control Film: Also necessary for my oily skin. I'm always running out of these :(

Daiso Perfume Atomizer: I'm currently trying to use up my Angel's Only Body Mist (which smells AMAZING, by the way!) so that I can get the perfume version, and since the scent isn't long-lasting at all I fill up the atomizer with it to touch up throughout the day.

Egg hand mirror: I got this in a store in Korea called Butter because this egg's expression is relatable af.

Ryan lipbalm: I also got this from the Kakao Friends Flagship store!

SON & PARK Glow Ring Foundation: I got this stick foundation sometime last year in Hong Kong and I've recently rediscovered it after going through my makeup collection and I LOVE THIS. The coverage is just right (I don't need to use concealer with this) and it's so easy to apply, especially in the morning when I'm late for college and have to do my makeup really quickly. But to be honest, I've lowkey given up on college so when I'm late I just accept it and take my own sweet time getting ready lmao.

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Addis Ababa: My holy grail lip product! Can't live without it.

Kate Spade Cobble Hill Lacey Zip Around Wallet: Another gift from my mom. I'm not sure about the colour but I think it's Makeup Pink! This wallet has gone through a lot of wear and tear.. The other day I had a tupperware in my backpack with salad and my favourite Japanese sesame dressing in it, and long story short - the dressing spilled and now my wallet permanently smells like sesame T_______T

LeSportsac pouch: This is a suuuuuper old pouch that I've had for years now (look at those ink stains -__-). 

iPhone charger: Self-explanatory. Since I treat my phone like shit and overcharge it all the time, it dies pretty often so I need to bring this out with me.

Portable charger + wire: Also self-explanatory. I got this from the Yongsan Electronics Market! It has around 4 or 5 full charges and it's amazing.

Earphones: Can't live without them for sure. They've saved me from many boring train rides and awkward situations.

Bershka sunglasses: I'm not usually one to wear sunglasses with circle frames (due to my already round face..) but I really like these! I have matching ones with my best friends Kristen & Ash.

Hand cream: This is The Face Shop Fruit Bowl Lemon Hand Cream that I received as a gift from someone pretty special to me. I didn't want to use it for a really long time because it's just that precious to me (I was even super reluctant to even open the packaging T___T) but I realized that it expires next year and it's probably better for me to use it up and keep the lemon :D It smells so good!!

I try not to carry too much when I use this bag because it's pretty heavy on its own already, so these are just my everyday essentials! What do you carry around every day? :)


  1. You should make this into a video because I like watching these types of vidoes and also I think yours will be funny af(but not in a bad way lol) -Ashley Ngow

    1. HAHAHA thanks Ashley <3 Maybe one day la!! I want to start doing Youtube T_T

  2. Hi! Just wanted to ask if you’ve experienced any leakage with the daiso perfume atomiser?


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