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Seoul Trip Winter 2016: Week 2

Seoul, South Korea

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It's finally time to talk about my second (and final) week of my Korea trip. I feel like this week was a bit more chill than the first - like I mentioned, I didn't do many touristy things since I already lived here before, but I managed to re-visit a bunch of my favourite places and I want to share them here! :)

Day 9 (19th December)

Woke up late-ish and had lunch with Becca, Kari and Christina at Sushi'o Black Container in Hongdae. This is a sushi buffet with a wide selection of sushi, sides and desserts at a decent price.

The inside of the restaurant. The interior design is so pretty T_T Very modern!

The prices & times for the buffet.

The workers usually speak Korean to us but this time around, we were served by a waiter who spoke really cute (and impressive) English! A pleasant surprise T_T

We didn't eat too much because there weren't many salmon/tuna sushi, but we still ended up with a big stack of plates in the end ^__^ I really love the sides here too! The crab legs are great and the fries.. are so addictive..

서울특별시 마포구 서교동 358-8
358-8 Seogyo-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul

Went around Hongdae to try and walk off our huge meal u_u There have been tons of arcades opening up in the area recently, and my friends and I really love going to the crane machines to try and win the toys inside. Korea has THE cutest crane game toys ever T__T

I love Jibangi!!

Bought myself a new phone case! It's Dokinchan (from the Anpanman series) dressed as Shokupanman.

Walked past this cute cake shop in Hongdae. Its name translates to "please take care of my cake" but they romanized it to say "Cake Butake" LMAO please tell me that me and my friends are not the only ones that find this funny........

Mango juice from Juicy. I just found out recently that they opened a few Juicy shops in KL..

Decided to stop by at the Kakao Friends store/museum in Hongdae while we were out (didn't do much at this location but if you're interested, I wrote about the Kakao Friends flagship store in Gangnam here)! We didn't go into the museum because.. the concept itself is pretty cute, but.. we weren't really willing to pay to get in :( But ticket prices aren't too bad, they're going for 3000won each (2000won for students)!

Me and Giant Ryan (90,000won)! I'll come back for you someday..

I tried to match Frodo's expression but.. I don't think it worked. :T

Day 10 (20th December)

Coco and Princess being super adorable while napping T__T They're only half sisters but they look so similar when they're like this!

Didn't do very much on this day either. I had to meet up with a friend of my mom's later that evening so I slept in and got ready before heading to Itaewon to meet her.

She treated me to galbi and I really ate a lot that day.. T___T no regrets though! I was really happy to see her again, and it made me realise how much my Korean has improved (when I first came to Korea, I had to speak to her in English since I could barely speak any Korean, but now I can have full conversations in Korean just fine).

Day 11 (21st December)

Got up to have breakfast with Becca, Kari and Chelsea at Cafe Travel Maker, an American breakfast place in Hongdae. There are always lots of foreigners in here at all hours of the day, and the staff speak English, so you shouldn't have any problem ordering. I LOVE the breakfast burritos here (I ended up getting one!), and the grilled cheese & tomato soup is really good too. I mean, I can't eat it anymore, but :( If you're ever craving bacon, hash browns, waffles, pancakes etc. while in Seoul, this is the place to go! ..also, can we talk about the Obama Breakfast listed on the menu? LOL

서울특별시 마포구 양화로 21길 37
37, Yanghwa-ro 21-gil, Mapo-gu, Seoul

Stopped at the convenience store to try their version of the famous lightbulb drink.

JB (GOT7)'s birthday ad in Hongdae

Becca and I braved the cold and the rain and headed to Sohye's cafe (which I blogged about here)! It rained so much while we were there, and it didn't show any signs of stopping, so we gave up on taking public transport and took a taxi home T__T

Ordered McDonald's for dinner again HAHAHA going on holiday is all about gaining weight, am I right ladies? My favourite Korean McDonald's burger is the shrimp burger (oh Malaysian McDs, when will you ever have the shrimp burger.....) so I was super excited to try the supreme shrimp burger, since it comes with a beef patty. Soooooo good!!

Day 12 (22nd December)

Had BBQ again with Becca LOL did I ever stop eating during this trip? Nope. :D I can't remember the name of this place but it's a really great BBQ place in Edae! Look at the steamed egg that we got T__T So huge and fluffy and delicious.

Spent the rest of the day just walking around and shopping at Edae and Sinchon. Yes, I know my trip sounds really boring and uneventful and I did basically the same thing every day but I swear it was a lot more fun than it sounded!! T__T

Green tea hotteok :D My fav!

Day 13 (23rd December)

Breakfast at Kimbap Cheonguk again with Kari :> We both had kimchi jjigae.

Convenience store coffee to warm ourselves up cos it was freezing cold!!

HUGE Taehyung (V from BTS) birthday ad at Hongdae Station exit 8. It was my first time seeing a kpop idol birthday ad on the walls (they're usually on the boards inside the station).

Returned to the Kakao Friends store in Hongdae to get Becca her Christmas present, and finally took a look at the top floor/Ryan cafe.

They were giving a free Ryan balloon for every purchase that day!


Met up with Becca and Chelsea and finally got to visit the One Piece cafe (which I blogged about here!). God, it was so so so cold that day, all I remember was just standing in line, shivering. T__T

After the cafe we headed home for a bit before coming out again for dinner. We went to Loun Shabu Shabu & Salad Bar, located at Hongdae station exit 1.

It was pretty packed when we arrived but luckily we got there while many people were leaving so we only had to wait about 20~30 minutes.

Our waiting number (....english fail lol I can't remember the proper word for 대기번호 but like. The number you get while waiting your turn. You know?)

Basically, once you're seated, you get to choose the kind of soup base and meat that you want. Then you can go around the buffet and pick the noodles, rice, sides, veggies etc. to go with the meat.

They also have drinks, ice cream, bingsu and coffee!

They even have smoothies (which I found super interesting cos I've never seen smoothies being served from these kinds of machines before o_o is it just me?).

The sides (I recommend the fried rice and the fried mushrooms T__T omg I'm not the biggest mushroom fan but I LOVE those mushrooms so much!!).

You can even have porridge or bibimbap if you like.

To get to Loun, simply go out from Hongdae station, exit 1. You definitely can't miss it!

Afterwards, we went downstairs to Butter to take a look at the cute stuff while waiting for Alex to arrive.

Met up with Alex and headed to a multibang - yes, I know that doesn't sound quite right but it's basically a karaoke room, except instead of karaoke you have a huge TV that can play movies, video games etc. The 'bang' here means 방, which is "room" in Korean. I was going to go more in depth with this but the guy working there was pretty.. weird to us, and I didn't have the greatest experience. Pretty sure it's because we were all foreigners.. Anyway! I'll talk about that some other time.

We also went to take photobooth pictures and walked around Hongdae. Honestly, I really hate walking around doing nothing but I LOVE doing it in Korea. There's just so many things to see and do, especially at night. 

Day 14 (24th December)

Christmas Eve! And my last full day in Korea.. :( This was the day of the VAV's Christmas eve party, so we headed down to Sangam to go see them.

Kari helped me curl my hair that day (but we improvised and used the straightener to do it HAHAH)!

They gave us iced tea and muffins/cookies to eat T__T AQ be feeding us good, lol.

Despite how short it was, I had a great time seeing VAV with my friends. I hadn't seen them ever since I left Korea in June and I missed them so much! Can't wait for their next comeback (too bad I won't be in Korea for it... sigh........ I miss VAV fan signs.... when can I go to one again......).

Chocolates that VAV made themselves! I got mine from Ace :) They were actually pretty good and I ate a lot of them (and then some more from my friends because they said it was too sweet -__-).

I actually got to take a polaroid with VAV but since I'm the unluckiest bitch ever.. it turned out like this.


Thank god Karina filmed a video for me :') Look how cute the members are omg I'm still emo about this polaroid, guys.

Went back to Hongdae to have dinner at Mapo Galmaegi.

The food was SO good and the workers there are hilarious - they like singing along to whatever's playing on the speakers, so it was definitely amusing to see them running around serving food and singing along to Twice. They're also all guys, and pretty cute, if you're into that LOL. I'm unable to find the address for this location, sorry :( But it's located by the Trick Eye Museum, look out for the sign!

We then went to Hollys for coffee and talked for a while. I love simple nights like those, spending time with my friends, and it's things like that that I miss so much. I seriously can't wait to be back in Korea..

Day 15th (25th December)


Yes, I did choose to leave on Christmas day (which was kind of a dumb decision on my part) T__T I barely slept that night because I was packing last minute as usual, so I was really tired.

My lovely friends came to send me off at the airport. The check in line was SO damn long.. I guess everyone made the same bad decision as me LOL. At least the plane was playing Christmas music the whole time.

This trip to Korea was nothing short of amazing, and even though I didn't do anything super special or adventurous, I still had a fantastic time hanging out with all my friends and eating lots and lots (...and lots) of food. I'm actually planning my next trip for around July or August (right after college graduation), so fingers crossed that that'll happen!

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