Tuesday, 24 January 2017

My Favourite Youtubers

I'm being completely honest when I say that I spend almost all of my time on Youtube - and I wish I was kidding. I'm not the kind of person who can sit down and watch TV shows/dramas and stuff, and I prefer to watch a variety of content, which is what makes Youtube so perfect for me. It's an addiction, really.. I watch many different kinds of channels, from daily vlogs to beauty videos, so today I want to share my favourite channels to watch with you!

Joan Kim (joankeem/joanday)

There are honestly not enough words in the English language to describe the love I have for Joan and her videos. Seriously. She's my favourite Youtuber of all time, and meeting her and Edward Avila is definitely up there on my best moments of life so far. I really like her beauty and fashion videos but I'm addicted to her vlogs (I haven't missed a single one since she opened her vlog channel!), because she frequents a lot of places in Seoul that I'm so familiar with, and it definitely helps ease the homesickness that I have for Korea. I love her personality and I seriously admire her for all the hard work she puts into uploading Youtube videos every day. 

Can't mention Joan without talking about Edward, too! I love how his personality shines in all of his videos, it really feels like you're talking to a best friend. His personality on screen and off screen are almost exactly the same. He's so funny and I really enjoy watching his vlogs the most (even though he doesn't vlog as much as Joan, his vlogs are usually pretty long, which makes up for it). 

I'd say that Hanbyul is my top favourite Korean Youtuber at the moment (I happened to meet her accidentally in Seoul as well!). Her fashion sense is really unique and I LOVE the way she talks - she has such a way with words and I find her voice so calming and nice to listen to. I'd recommend her to anyone wanting to practice their Korean listening skills, because her enunciation is so clear and all of her videos have English subs. Fun fact - she grew up in Spain and can speak Spanish too!

Another one of my favourite Korean Youtubers! I love Eva's makeup, style and her Gyeongsang accent. She also has a really cute sense of humour (which is reflected in her editing style sometimes lmao). Her older videos don't have English subs but most of her newer ones do.

Koleen is GOALS. She is everything I've ever wanted to be and more! Her fashion sense is bomb as hell and I love her confidence and the way she presents herself in her videos. I also just want her closet so bad..

One of the first channels that I started watching when I decided to move to Korea for the first time. Josh was one of my first inspirations to learn Korean, because even as a British guy, his level of Korean fluency and pronunciation are just so good. I learnt a lot about Korean culture through his channel, and I love seeing him introduce the culture to his friends and family back in the UK, too. My favourite series on the Korean Englishman channel are probably English Priest goes to Korea, Joel: Intermediate Korea and Ollie's Dad goes to Korea (still ongoing at the time of writing!).

Dave is another person that I really admire in terms of Korean fluency and knowledge of culture. I really like how he brings his friends of different nationalities together to film interesting videos, and I like his cute editing style too! Thanks to his channel, I became a fan of not only him, but of Erina, Vai and Jaein as well :D

I think Chaerny is one of the cutest Youtubers out there! I really like the way she talks, and her videos  are really comforting - they kind of make me feel like I'm talking to a friend, if you know what I mean. Her channel is in Korean (no English subs for any non-Korean speaking viewers out there T_T) but her makeup videos are easy to follow along, even if you don't speak the language.

Can we just talk about the fact that Sunny is SO ADORABLE??? She's a Korean beauty Youtuber who grew up and is currently living in New York, and she's really famous for her Korean celebrity makeup tutorials. She was even featured in Standing Egg's music video for their song Crazy. Sunny hasn't been uploading recently, due to her getting into a controversy that I won't talk about right now. She apologised but has stayed silent ever since, and I'm still waiting for her to come back with more great videos :(

As one of the biggest Korean makeup channels on Youtube, I think what sets Ssin apart is not only her great makeup skills, but her crazy sense of humour, too. She's so funny in a vulgar (is that the right word?) way, and her voiceovers on her makeup videos are the most entertaining things ever!

Yuka Kinoshita

I never really got into watching mukbangs until I discovered Yuka Kinoshita. Some of you might know her from the video of her eating 100 hamburgers, or her eating 48 pieces of KFC chicken. I know it sounds really strange, but fascinates me SO much to see her eat such huge portions of food, and for some weird reason, it makes me feel.. full in a way too (which helps a lot when I'm watching my diet and trying not to uselessly snack on junk food).

An ex-Viner turned Youtuber, Jessi Smiles is the best storytime Youtube channel of all time, in my opinion. I've watched pretty much all her storytime videos (I put them on in the background while I do my makeup in the morning) and her hilarious personality is what keeps me wanting to watch more!

I'm sure most (if not all) of you know Jenn Im, and for good reason - her videos are so good. The amount of effort that goes into editing, not to mention her awesome fashion sense and makeup skills, are just incredible, and she has a really sweet and honest personality. I love her fiancé Ben and her dog Cheeki too!

I've been watching Claudia for years now yet I still haven't gotten bored of her. Her video editing style is really creative, and I think her cool personality sets her apart from all the other Youtubers. Out of the "gang" of Youtubers living in LA (if you know who I mean :p), she is definitely my favourite! Plus, she's soooo pretty..

That's it for my (very long list) of favourite Youtube channels! Who are some of your favourites? Feel free to leave some in the comments below so I can watch them too :) And waste my life away watching Youtube videos 24/7 haha oops such is life


  1. omg i watch like 6 of them. Joan, jenn and edward are my fave ;w; You should also watch Rachel Nguyen https://www.youtube.com/user/thatschicblog . And Yuqi, you'd be a great youtuber

    1. I'll check her out!! Thank youuuuuu Cyris♡ And omg T_T Maybe someday I'll try it out..!


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