Saturday, 14 January 2017

Flying Noodles at Underground Société

The last time I visited Underground Société was in May 2015 (I talked about my last visit in my very first blog post!) and I was pretty surprised to see how much it's changed since then. The restaurant itself was renovated and they added these Flying Noodles to the menu, which I've been dying to try ever since I heard that they served it in Malaysia.

The first time I heard about this dish was when that video of the flying noodles at Hana Japanese Restaurant in Singapore went viral on Facebook. I already knew the mechanism behind the 'floating' but T___T it didn't stop me from thinking that it looks super cool!! I was already dreaming about the Instagram pictures I was gonna take after getting this lolol. So I was super excited to finally get it with Kristen and Janese last Saturday.

To be honest, I was super confused when I arrived at the restaurant. Since I didn't know that they renovated, the design was totally different from what I remembered, and... to be honest..... I didn't even know where the door was......... I mean, I get that their 'concept' is supposedly the fact that they're hidden and everything, which is cool, but like... what????????????

From the outside, it looks like a regular 'lemonade shop'.. without any lemonade. Or people, for that matter. I had to call Kristen and Janese to ask how to get in u__u Guess where the door is?

This. This is the door. Like wtf right???????

Anyway! Here's the inside of the restaurant. The design is really nice, but I think the lighting wasn't the greatest.. We went in the afternoon, although it's probably more fitting to come here at night.

Since there are three different kinds of noodles to try, we decided to order one of each. All of them come with a side of cucumbers, carrots and edamame. I apologise in advance for the next couple of pictures, it was pretty dark in there and I didn't think to use flash so T__T I had to edit them.

L-R: Flying Chic Kut Teh, Flying Udon with Signature Underground Sauce, Flying Zaru Soba

We tried the Chic Kut Teh (RM19) first, which ended up becoming our favourite of the three. It's basically bak kut teh made with chicken instead of pork, and it was super flavourful and delicious! Next was the Flying Udon with Signature Underground Sauce (RM20), which.. I personally didn't like very much :( Not really sure what it was, but it tasted like shrimp paste (belacan), and it was a bit of a weird combination with the noodles. Maybe it's just me and my picky tastebuds..? We ended up not finishing that one, and eating the noodles with the Zaru Soba (RM19) soup instead. This is the traditional soba soy sauce, which didn't taste too bad, just a little bit salty. But then again, you're not supposed to sip at this like soup (guess who made that exact mistake because I thought it might taste something like the Chic Kut Teh?

All in all, it tasted pretty good and made for a really nice Instagram picture. Can't say I would order it again, though.. I'll have to come back someday to try their new menu!

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