Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Cafe de ONE PIECE @ Hongdae

Hongdae, Seoul, South Korea

It's my first post in the new year, happy 2017!

I'm always going to be honest on my blog, so here is me making an honest confession - I know next to nothing about One Piece. I can only recognize Luffy and Chopper, and even then I'm not sure what kind of role they play in the anime. So.. why exactly did I visit the One Piece cafe?

I'm very much a casual anime fan and I only enjoy ones with less episodes - the romance genre being my favourite. One Piece doesn't exactly interest me very much (at the time of writing, it currently has over 700 episodes. Seven. Hundred. Episodes!!!!!), but most people in Korea love One Piece and a lot of my friends do as well, so I thought, what the heck, let's go check it out!

I've also heard that there's a One Piece themed cafe in Incheon, but apparently this one is a bit more authentic with its design.

Located right by Hongik University, the design of the cafe is striking and you can't miss it. It looks just as if someone copied a scene from the anime and pasted it right here. I heard about the opening of the cafe on Facebook and Instagram, and the hype still hasn't died down yet. We went on an awfully cold day (much regret T__T) and the line was crazy long! I went with Becca, Kari and Kari's friend Chelsea, and we waited in line for about 20 to 30 minutes.

Cute flyers that they handed out with the cafe location & social media info.

There's also a take-out counter for those who just want to take their drinks to go.

The exterior design of the cafe! Featuring a bunch of character standees that you can take pictures with.

After a long wait (in the freezing cold T____T), we finally were able to enter and order our drinks! The staff are really friendly and helpful, and they have a lot of Japanese/Japanese-speaking staff there as well. The cashier made small talk with me as we were waiting to order and I thought that was super nice of her, despite me feeling distracted due to the cold :B..

One of their cute takeout boxes!

Going up to the actual cafe.

We ended up ordering the Sanji Fizz, Citrus & Apple Tea and Sanji Break Ice Tea. I had the ice tea and it was all right - not the best, though, because it was just regular powdered ice tea.

We also got the Chopper Castella and a curry bread to eat. The curry bread was great, it had bacon on the top and everything, and I liked the castella too! It's filled with red bean paste and though it was a little bit soft, I can imagine how delicious it must be when it's freshly made.

The interior design consists of lots of One Piece character figurines in glass cases, and the style is quite.. rustic? Since the outside of the cafe is like the ship in the anime, the inside seems to be quite fitting as well. Although I can't say I didn't expect more from it..

A projector in the other room playing One Piece episodes.

HAHAHA even the toilet sign is so cute!

The stairs going down to the gift shop - where I wasn't allowed to take pictures, unfortunately :(

It was a nice experience, but I definitely wouldn't like to line up for so long in the cold for it again T__T I guess my experience was a little bit different, as I don't know much about One Piece. But I would definitely recommend this to any die-hard One Piece fans for sure!

서울특별시 마포구 와우산로 101
101 Wausan-ro, Mapo-gu, Seoul


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