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Seoul Trip Winter 2016: Week 1

Seoul, South Korea

My time in Korea for this trip has come to an end (sadly), so it's a good a time as any for me to start writing about what I got up to this time around. Since I've lived here before, I obviously didn't do any touristy things but I hope this is helpful to anyone who's already been to Korea and wants to see what other interesting things you can do here. Or if you're just interested in me and my life, then.. you can read on :B

Day 1 (11th December)

Got up at 4am and headed to the airport with Jiwon to catch our flight to Seoul. I was basically half-dead at that point cos I slept for maybe 2 hours before the flight. Remember when I said I hoped that I didn't end up shoving everything into my bag the night before? Yeah. It happened. T____T

Ended up arriving at about 2 or 3pm Korea time due to a flight delay and got picked up by Becca, Kari and Alex. We met up with our friend from Japan, Ai, as well, since she arrived on the same day and wanted to hang out with us. Went back to Becca & Kari's apartment to dump my stuff and went straight to Sinchon to eat the one thing I had been craving so badly ever since I left Seoul in June.

I sincerely recommend this to anyone and everyone who ever visits Seoul!!! This restaurant is called 맛있는 순두부앤김치찜, which roughly translates to 'Delicious Soft Tofu Stew and Braised Kimchi' (well.. according to the internet it does :B). Sundubu jjigae (soft tofu stew) is my favourite Korean food, and this place does the BEST jjigae I've ever eaten in my life. Seriously.

Another reason for my attachment to this place is probably because I spent so much of my exchange student life eating here. Whether it was alone or with friends, I came here all the time (especially in the winter) and the food has never disappointed me. The rice and banchan (side dishes) are all refillable, so you can get your money's worth and more. 

서울특별시 서대문구 창천동 5-56
5-56 Changcheon-dong, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul

My favourite - 섞어순두부 (beef and seafood sundubu)

You must put the shredded seaweed in your rice. Like, this isn't even a suggestion - you MUST put it in your rice. Trust me. You will thank me someday.

Random photo from the convenience store because they were selling these super cute soju bottles T__T

Day 2 (12th December)

Becca and Kari were busy that morning so I went by myself back to the airport to pick up Christina. Dropped her bags off at the apartment and headed to the M Concert Hall in Apgujeong, since Chris got the chance to see Astro at their Mnet Meet & Greet.

Somi's birthday ad at Hongdae Station!

Cute Kakao ads.

Arrived in Apgujeong and went to a nearby Olive Young to pick up a hair roller for Christina.

Seventeen's promoting the CLEAN perfume brand right now so I had to take some photos :B To be honest, the scents are.. not that good lmao.

We were walking towards the M Concert Hall when this super pretty blonde Korean girl walked past us. I was thinking about how amazingly dressed she was when it hit me - HANBYUL JUST WALKED PAST ME. She's one of my favourite Korean beauty/fashion Youtubers due to her unique style, and she's so incredibly well spoken! Chris convinced me to go talk to her and get a picture with her. I was a bit awkward and stumbled a little when I spoke but she was very cute and really nice to us.

We arrived at the location and I sat at the cafe in the building and took a nap (LITERALLY - I've mentioned before that I'm great at taking naps LOL) while Christina went to see Astro. Headed back to Hongdae afterwards to meet Becca for dinner.

Kihyun (Monsta X)'s birthday ad in Apgujeong Station

Jin (BTS)'s birthday ad

Chanyeol (EXO)'s birthday ad

Had dinner at 착한돼지 (roughly translates to.. Nice Pig? LOL) in Sinchon. It's a BBQ buffet - all you can eat BBQ for 2 hours. We love coming to this place because the price is pretty amazing (9,900won for lunch, 11,900won for dinner on weekdays and 10,900won for lunch, 11,900won for dinner on weekends). Soda with unlimited refills is 1000won per person. We each ended up paying about 13,000won (RM49) and ate a LOT of food. The buffet includes rice, sides, vegetables and desserts too T__T I loooooove this place.

서울특별시 서대문구 명물길 40
40 Myeongmul-gil, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul

There's an arcade (오락실) located right below the BBQ buffet, so Kari joined us and we tried to win some toys (to no avail..). I really want this Santa Jibang!! T_____T

Stopped by Krispy Kreme for dessert before going home.

Day 3 (13th December)

On our way to Myeongdong!

D.I.P (a group that my friend likes) was performing on the street so we decided to take a look.

Had our lunch at 마루카메 제면 (Marukame Jemyeon), which is a restaurant that sells udon and rice bowls, and you get to pick the tempura and other things that you want with your meal. It's really good and this meal in particular (curry rice with chicken, tempura shrimp, tempura sweet potato) costed me a little bit over 10,000won (RM39++).

서울특별시 중구 명동2길 8, 1층
8, Myeongdong 2-gil, Jung-gu 

After lunch, Chris and I decided to go shopping. I'm sure she'll put up her haul on her blog soon, but holy shit, she got the biggest haul ever at Holika Holika just buying the Gudetama line. @__@

Quick shopping break at the Beans Bins! I love mango season but I love strawberry season more :B

Continued shopping before taking another break at the Innisfree Green Cafe (you can read about my experience here!).

And here is where our food adventure began.. Spent the rest of the night walking around and eating a lot of street food!

Christina's baked cheese



Butter shrimps

Quick story time - Christina bought some cheese sausage thing from one of the stalls and it was run by this super adorable college-age looking Japanese guy. He was so super cute and sweet and before we left he was like "arigatou gozaimasu!!!" and my HEART WAS IN PAIN. I hope you are living a wonderful life right now, sweet Japanese boy.

My favourite - sausage and ddeok wrapped in fishcake

Day 4 (14th December)

Starting our day with tonkatsu and kimchi jjigae at 김밥천국 (Kimbap Heaven), one of the best and cheapest Korean food places.

Heading to Gangnam!

Hung out at the Kakao Friends flagship store (you can read about it here).

Gangnam is such a beautiful area to walk around in (fair enough, since it's pretty expensive to actually stay in this neighbourhood).

Saw Seventeen at Olive Young again HAHAHAH I love Seventeen T__T

My favourite members (Hoshi & Jun)

Our supper for the day - fried chicken from Mexicana Chicken and 이슬톡톡 (Iseul tok tok - fizzy peach flavoured soju! The alcohol content is only 3%). 

Day 5 (15th December)

Followed Christina to go get her Snuper albums for their fansign after getting a convenience store breakfast. It was pretty chilly that day and I was so cold T__T

Afterwards, we took a taxi to Gangnam in order to make it on time for Joan Kim and Edward Avila's meetup but.. we ended up being late anyway due to traffic. @__@

Finally got to meet Joan and Edward! We were a little bit late but it was still an incredibly fun experience. They're both Youtubers that I watch frequently and admire a lot, so getting to meet them was awesome. I was quite the fangirl in front of Joan, actually.. heh.. I really admire her so much and I couldn't stop telling her how much I liked her - sorry Edward!! I love you too :B

Ordered Chinese food since the weather that day was just too cold for us to even think about leaving the house to eat :(

Day 6 & 7 (16th & 17th December)

I fell sick so I took two days off to rest up. It probably happened because I wasn't used to the cold at all.. and I messed up my sleeping schedule so bad :B Here's some donkatsu and omurice that I ordered to eat at home.

Day 8 (18th December)

Princess hanging out in my suitcase :T

I know day 8 shouldn't be included in the week, but since I arrived on a Sunday I thought it was fitting to leave this day in as well.

Started feeling much better so I went out for my favourite ddeokbokki (spicy rice cakes) at 먹쉬돈나 (Mukshidonna) in Hongdae with Becca, Kari and Alex. When I was in language school, I remember one of my Korean teachers explaining what the restaurant name means - it basically means eat, rest, pay and get out (내고 가) :P The ddeokbokki is super yummy and spicy and it's one of my favourite things to eat in the winter! Plus, once you finish your serving, you can ask them to make fried rice for you in the same pot and it's so delicious T__T I recommend getting beef or seafood ddeokbokki, along with ramyeon (and cheese if you like it - I didn't get it cos I'm lactose intolerant now -__-). You can add egg, ham and dumplings if you like too!

서울특별시 마포구 동교동 163-16
163-16 Donggyo-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul

Was craving something sweet so I went to Gongcha to get an iced grapefruit tea. I mean, I didn't HAVE to go to Gongcha, since we have it in Malaysia but.. y'all know how much I love Lee Jongsuk, right? :D He's the cutest!!

Finally got my VAV jersey from Alex :> And yes, it's Jacob's jersey of course, who else would I get..

Damn, these are some awful photos of me LOL but I got the chance to do a live chat with Jacob that evening! It was the most Mandarin I've ever spoken in a really long time lol but he's so cute T__T I was so happy.. Except he was stupid and called me Yuka >__> I yelled at him for that lmao. Thanks to Kari and Shawn for these screen caps!

At about 11-ish that night, Kari suddenly told us she was craving nuggets and then I started craving nuggets sooo....... we got nuggets. :D Man, I love Korea so much. Where else can you get Mcdonald's delivery at 12am and have it actually come on time?

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    1. Thank you so much! I'm definitely working on it, please expect a lot from my blog in the future :)


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