Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Life Update: Packing For Korea

As the avid procrastinator that I'm known for being, it's kind of amazing that I've already started to pack when my flight is actually leaving on Sunday. I feel incredibly #accomplished.

I've been busy with college assignments these days and it's gotten to a point where I've basically shut down, mentally. I'm so tired, guys T__T This Korea trip has been the only thing getting me through all of this.. Maybe that's why I decided to get a head start on packing this time around >_> lol

As you can see, I obviously haven't gotten very far just yet.. but it's progress in action, ok u_u Since I haven't actually gotten everything into my suitcase yet, I'll share (a good portion of) my packing list instead. I wouldn't consider it to be a really extensive one, so you don't have to follow it down to a T ok lmao it's just whatever works for me! It's also super all over the place HAHAH I'll have to edit it sometime..

Korea is hella cold in the winter, with winter temperatures dropping down to the negatives, so make sure to pack lots of layers, especially if you're from a tropical country like me and you can't handle the cold lolol. I'm also using the KonMari method to fold my clothes and I find it to be pretty efficient, but if all else fails, rolling your clothes should be the right way to go. Make sure to pack your shoes in a plastic bag so that the inside of your luggage doesn't get dirty (I thought this was common knowledge but I've seen people just put the shoes straight into their bags WHICH IS SO DIRTY WTF CAN YOU IMAGINE ALL THOSE GERMS AND NASTY STUFF YOU STEP ON TOUCHING YOUR BAG AND ALL YOUR CLOTHES WTF WTF WTF don't risk that shit). I also like laying my shoes like this (with the top of one shoe touching the heel) inside the plastic bag to save space.

So this is what I'll (more or less) be bringing for a 2 week winter trip!

  • Sweaters (around 5 or 6 - I basically live in them in the winter)
  • Jeans (2 pairs - maybe 3 if I'm brave enough to bring my jeans with the rips in the knees lolz)
  • Button up skirts (2)
  • Pajamas
  • Socks (a lot!!!!!! And I'm possibly gonna buy more there :D)
  • Stockings (3-4 pairs)
  • Black heel boots
  • Grey suede heel boots
  • White shoes (because I love wearing heeled boots but my feet are gonna die)
  • Scarf
  • Gloves (fml I actually don't know where they are I gotta find them)
  • Uniqlo Heattech innerwear (pants and shirts, as many as I have - these are a necessity and I can't get through winter without them.)
I would also bring a winter jacket but I left all of mine at my friends' place in Korea lmao but they'll bring it for me at the airport so I don't freeze to death T_T

Beauty products
  • Toothbrush/toothpaste/facewash/contact solution (self-explanatory)
  • Skincare (moisturizer is very very important)
  • Hand cream (my skin gets so disgustingly dry in the winter time lol)
  • Makeup + makeup remover
  • Perfume

  • Laptop + charger
  • Camera + charger
  • Portable charger
  • Selfie stick (lmao yes I use that)
  • Selfie lens
  • External hard drive
  • Universal adapters (2)

  • Towels (2 - I always seem to forget these so I made sure to put them in first)
  • Jewellery
  • Hot packs (T__T so nice to keep in your jacket pockets during the wintertime)
The rest are just gifts and snacks that I'm bringing for my friends (pictured above). I'm packing these in the other side of my suitcase so that I'll have a half-empty suitcase when I get there. This will ensure that I have plenty of space to keep all the stuff that I'll be buying :D I know plenty of people who bring an extra, empty suitcase along with them so that they can do a lot of wallet damage shopping in Korea.

That's it for my list! I hoped it helped, even just a little ;_; I might've missed out on some things but oh well. Let's pray I don't just end up shoving everything into my bag on Saturday night and hope for the best.

This selfie is totally irrelevant but I took this in Korea last winter and I just wanted to share it here because even though my brows were highkey tragic, at least I looked cute. :D

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