Monday, 26 December 2016

Kim Sohye Penguin's Cafe @ Seocho

Seocho-gu, Seoul, South Korea

Merry (late) Christmas everyone! I'm back home now, and I have a ton of blog posts that I need to write (and I've been putting them off in favour of more sleep)..

If you know me, you'd know that I'm actually a huuuuge fan of girl groups. One of my top girl biases is Sohye from I.O.I, so you can imagine my excitement at getting to visit her cafe with Becca last week!

Quick backstory for any non-fans here - I.O.I is a project girl group where the members were all selected from a reality girl group survival show called Produce 101 that premiered early this year. The concept was that 101 trainees from different companies would battle it out to make it into the top 11 and promote for about a year under I.O.I. It was a huge hit in Korea and internationally, since one of the key premises of the show was that the viewers got to vote for their favourite trainees to make it into the group. Becca and I watched it pretty much religiously, and we both voted for our favourite trainee (Kim Sohye) as much as we could. It paid off, because Sohye ended up making her debut as a member of I.O.I!

Even though Sohye was lacking in skills compared to the rest of the trainees in the beginning, you could see that she has come a long way and improved a lot, and she has that kind of spunky charisma and charm that I really like. And she's just. So. Adorable.

Sohye set up her own agency and opened up her cafe, Penguin's Cafe, in June of this year and I've been determined to visit ever since. So glad that I finally got the chance to this time around :) Her nickname is shark due to her famous 'shark dance' video, and she says that she views all humans as penguins (due to her love for them), so her fans are called penguins as well. Hence, "Penguin's Cafe"!

Once you walk in, you'll be greeted with all sorts of penguin memorabilia and Sohye banners. I didn't get a picture, but there's a a little mailbox located right by the cashier for you to leave any letters you have for Sohye.

Considering the location, the price of the drinks and the food there are pretty reasonable, and they actually tasted really good!

I got a stamp card as well (10 stamps = a free coffee/drink!) 

Lemonade (4500won each) - surprisingly really delicious! Becca always orders lemonade at any cafe she goes to, and even she said that the lemonade here was better than most that she had tried elsewhere.

Sohye's cute signature on the cups T__T

Super yummy honey bread, served with whipped cream and chocolate sauce, and vanilla ice cream. Notice how the plate is heart shaped? T_T Cuuute..

Time for the best part of the cafe - the room in the corner dedicated to Sohye pictures, merchandise, slogans and plushies.

There's a photo album (presumably put together by Sohye's parents) full of Sohye's baby pictures and even her passport picture! Since you aren't allowed to take pictures of the album, I hope you all get the chance to come see the photos for yourself (it's so worth it, Sohye is SO CUTE!!!).

I'm not sure if it's only like this because I went at night, but the cafe itself was really quiet. Despite that, it has a really nice and relaxing atmosphere - I think this would be such a great place to sit down and study for a couple of hours. They play lots of I.O.I/Produce 101 songs on the speakers (of course), as well as a lot of English music, surprisingly. The workers there are also very sweet and super helpful!

I'd recommend this place not only to I.O.I/Sohye fans but to anyone who wants a chill cafe in Seoul with good food and drinks to hang out at! I'm cheering on Sohye and anything she chooses to do in the future all the way, even when I.O.I disbands in January (I'm still so sad about this..).

서울특별시 서초구 사임당로 60 2층
2nd floor, Saimdang-ro, Seocho-gu, Seoul

Get off at Seocho station and go to the bus stop at exit 3. Take the Seocho 21 (서초21) bus and get off at Seoul National University stop (서울교대 정류장).

[출처] 펭귄카페 (Penguin's cafe)|작성자 푸른미르


  1. for the shirt there, can we actually buy it? especially the penguin hoodie omg ;u;

  2. If i not mistaken the shirt are not for sales,it is the stage costume and event costume that Sohye wore during the i.o.i promotion period.


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