Sunday, 27 November 2016

Pokémon Cafe @ AEON Mid Valley

The very first Pokemon Cafe in Malaysia (located on the 1st floor of AEON Mid Valley) opened just a few days ago so Kristen and I decided to go and try the food out. The Pokemon Go hype may have died out, BUT THE POKEMON LOVE IN MY HEART IS A FLAME THAT WILL BURN ON FOREVER.

The concept is absolutely adorable (of course) with all the Pikachu decor - how cute are the little Pikachus in aprons?! T__T 

They were also selling all sorts of official Pokemon merchandise.

And here's the menu (and the catch.. T_T). Since the price includes GST and service charge, it's quite pricey.. I guess it's understandable since it's about the experience but I reeeally don't want to pay almost RM20 for that soda again -__- All orders come with free coasters that you can collect but we just left ours there lol should've taken it home though!! My apron Pikachus T_________T

The waitresses will take your order in front first and then you can head to the cashier and pay before being seated.

Wanna Get Tingling?! Volt Tackle Soda

Pikachu Latte & Pikachu's Sweeeet Pancake (spot the Mimikyu!!)

The soda was okay (I liked the little Pikachu flavoured ice thing on top) but like I said, I'm not willing to pay RM20 for basically sparkling water and syrup again :( The Pikachu Latte kind of scared us at first since we were being wary of the little plastic face on top of the latte.. lol idk why we were being so suspicious of everything HAHA probably cos our final bill shocked us a little T_T The pancake was super super yummy though (the little biscuit ears and the butter cookie tail were so good), definitely worth it! Only wish the portion was a little bigger..

The plastic bubble was so freaky wtf ;_; We kept poking at it

Final verdict - very cute concept and decent-ish food, but definitely a one time thing for us. If you really want your cute instagrammable Pikachu food and drinks (and to say that you've been to an official Pokemon Cafe) then go ahead, but I'd say skip it if you want to save your money. But hey, all themed cafes are sort of expensive anyways. Life is about experiencing things, even if they're overpriced. :P This cafe will be open until 28th February 2016, so do check it out while you can!

In the end, we finished our dessert and just decided to head downstairs to Sukiya and eat gyudon for dinner. For RM12. :D

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