Monday, 7 November 2016

5 Things I Miss About Korea

Hi everyone, happy November!

I'll be posting my regular lifestyle posts soon (I've got a bunch of posts just sitting in my drafts that I keep going back and editing - I'm still not that confident in sharing my writing just yet.. actually I'm highkey embarrassed about a lot of it HAHAH but I'll get better with time!) but today I'm going to share five things that I miss the most about Korea. My next Korea trip is coming pretty soon (next month!!!) and I've been thinking about what I miss so that I can make every second I spend there count. Also I was clearing old files off my laptop the other day and spent a while just going through the photos taken on my old phone and I got so emo, y'all have no idea :(

Without further ado, five things I miss the most about my second home.

1. The food

If you really thought anything else was going to be the first on my list, you thought wrong, my friend. I loooove Korean food so much (to name a few- KBBQ, any kind of jjigae, ddeokbokki, street food, seafood, tuna/chicken mayo/jeonju bibim triangle kimbap, convenience store coffee, shabu shabu, Korean McDonalds.. I could go on forever. Also, I'm drooling right now lmao) and I miss the convenience of being able to buy whatever you want to eat at any time of day. Seriously. The amount of late night meals (yes, meals, not snacks LOL) that I had.. it's really too easy to gain weight there HAHAH but as long as you walk a lot you should be fine!

2. Public transport

If there's anything I really took for granted while I was there, this would be it. Since I've been back in KL, getting around has been pretty inconvenient, especially since I don't have my license yet (look, I'm working on that..). The train system in Korea is pretty amazing, not to mention the most incredible gift that we have ever gotten from the almighty technology gods - also known as Naver Maps. SERIOUSLY. I TOOK THAT SHIT FOR GRANTED. Google Maps is just crappy and I hate it. :( I even miss the days when I first started settling in Korea - taking the train from Sinchon to Hongdae because I didn't know that it was walking distance and sitting on the bus just listening really hard to the announcements to make sure I didn't miss my stop.

3. The weather/the seasons

Korea's weather is basically two extremes (extremely hot and extremely cold) plus a short period of nice weather (like.. really short. The second you start enjoying spring, summer bursts in and is all SURPRISE BITCH! BET YOU THOUGHT YOU'D SEEN THE LAST OF ME!!!!), but.. I miss that too. I miss spending time thinking about how to dress according to the weather every day (even though my fashion sense was pretty shit). I mean, I never say or think this when I'm actually there though LOL but.. y'know..

4. Being a K-pop fan

There's really no way that I can make a post about things I miss in Korea without mentioning all the time I spent doing K-pop things. I've been liking K-pop for about 6 or 7 years now, way before I first came to Korea, and I do listen to a really wide variety of groups but after learning about and respecting the unspoken rules of K-fandom I've only ever followed two groups in Korea (JJCC and VAV). Let me be real here- as a K-pop fan, following idols is the most tiring thing you will ever do. You'll spend so much money, you'll never sleep, you become a part of fandom drama whether you like it or not.. but you'll also make so many unforgettable memories and meet so many people that will impact your life now and possibly forever. I've written so many letters (in turn, improving my Korean a LOT - my Korean teachers should be proud of me lmao) and traveled all over Korea (and even outside of Korea!) with no other intention but to see my favourite group, and I can really say that I think it's worth it. It's not for everyone and you'll get burnt out sometimes but it's truly made me so happy.

5. My friends

Do you guys have those friends that, even though you haven't known each other for that long, just click with you? The kind of friends that entered your life only recently but you can't imagine them ever not being in your life.. Some of the people I consider my best friends in the world now are the ones I met in Korea just last year, in spring. Even though sometimes we can have disagreements, they've had a real positive impact on my life and I really never say this to them but I appreciate and love you guys so much (especially to Chelsea, Becca, Karina, Alex, Kelley and Marina♡)!! Ok I'm emo and gross rn I gotta blast

I'll be back in Korea in a little over a month from today and I can't wait to be back.. Hopefully I get to do everything I want to do to hold me over before my next next trip back (wow, look at me planning ahead.. LOL). I'll blog a lot then as well, so stay tuned for that!

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