Monday, 29 June 2015

Since I've Been Back

Long time no see!

To be honest, I would've updated a lot earlier than this, but I haven't really been doing anything incredibly interesting lately.. So today I'm going to blog about what I've been doing recently since I've been back in Seoul.

This is going to be more of a photo-heavy post, I'm warning you.. ㅋㅋ

150616 - 24K The Show 막방 mini fan meeting @ Sangam-dong

24K tweeted about having a mini fan meeting after their performance on The Show since it was their last day of 오늘 예쁘네 promotions, so Karina, Chelsea and I went over to Sangam-dong to see them again. Jeonguk wasn't there because he had another schedule so we only got to see the 6 of them but we had a good time, nonetheless!

150618 - Join Us Korea 1st & 2nd episode recording @ Arirang

We love JJCC too much for our own good (duh) so obviously we signed up to be in the audience for Join Us Korea to support Prince Mak! Went to Arirang with Chelsea, Becca, Karina and Marina and spent a good part of our day watching the show and got pictures with Prince himself (duh x 2) and Leah from SNL Korea. and Kim Sungwon are the hosts while the panel consists of Prince, TAHITI's Jerry, Guillaume Patry and Leah. It was a lot of fun being a part of it (and it's always interesting to see how the filming really works) and we plan to go again for the next recording!

150619 - Meat buffet at 착한돼지 + Purikura @ Sinchon

The meat buffet again.. Buffets are not my friend, lol. I end up overeating because I always take more than I can actually handle. ㅠㅠ One of our last meals as a group for a while since Kelley and Chelsea had to go home soon. We also took purikura pictures and they turned out really cute so I'm really happy! ㅎㅎ

150621 - Sending Kelley off @ Incheon Airport

Got up early that morning to see Kelley off before she flew back to Texas. Tears were shed, hugs were shared, McDonald's breakfasts were eaten.. I know we're all going to be reunited very very soon (fingers crossed!) so I tried not to be too sad but you know me, I'm pretty emotional (maybe not as emotional as Kari but really close ㅎㅎ) (sorry for throwing you under the bus here Kari) (I love you)

150622 - Sushi buffet + soft serve @ Myeongdong

Sushi buffet not pictured.

150623 - Sending Chelsea off @ Incheon Airport

Chelsea went home.. If I expressed all my feelings here there'd be too much to say but this 언니 means so so much to me and she knows that. I miss her way too much ㅠㅠ But we'll meet again soon! I swear!

Infinite's anniversary ad at Hapjeong Station.

150623 - Chinese takeout @ Mangwon Hangang Park

We ordered Chinese food (갈비탕 + 자짱면 + 만두 + 제육 덮밥) and had it delivered to our spot at the park.. Korea really is magical sometimes.

Eddy had just updated his instagram and I had no data so I was kacau-ing my 언니들 by taking selfies while they were looking at his video. ㅋㅋ

150627 - Really good burgers and other things @ Hongdae

Had burgers for dinner at Burger B in Hongdae and I was definitely not disappointed! Sooooo good.. The fries too.. Definitely have to go back there again someday. #whatisadiet We also got the 1000won ice cream waffles from the stall near the little park! Yo, I don't know how they make any profit that way, but it doesn't really matter because a freshly-made waffle with all those ice cream scoops inside for $1? I'm sold.

And that's it for the main events of the past couple of weeks.. Heh. Other than that, I've been going to class (midterms are next week.. Don't think I'm ready just quite yet. Sigh.) and trying to get into Seventeen fan signs, but failing. I've fallen really, really hard for Seventeen recently (they're an incredibly talented group and I don't have a huge age gap with any of them - which is strange, because I got into K-pop back when I was 11 or 12 and there was definitely an age gap between me and my favs, lmao) but they're really popular! For good reason, though.

I bought 4 to try out for the Hapjeong fansign (definitely not enough) and 10 to try out for the Myeongdong fansign (not enough either..) with no luck, clearly.. I'll try again next time! But for now, I definitely plan to go to see them for their next promotion.

And if anyone wants to buy a 17 Carat album off of me.. I currently have 11 available and they're $10 without shipping! Tweet me at @leeyuqi for details ㅠ0ㅠ

Once again, I have class in the morning, but as the queen of procrastination, here I am.. Lol. But I'll go now. See you later! 

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