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24K 동대문 DDP Fansign

I finally get to update! The past few days have been pretty hectic. I got back from KL on Wednesday morning and Karina helped me get home from the airport before we headed to Arirang to see Prince and Eddy off after their Kpoppin/Pops In Seoul recording. The next day was the first day of classes (why did the semester start on a Thursday? God knows..) and I discovered that the rumours were true - level 3 in Sogang's Korean programme is tough. Like really, really tough. It's a lot of fun, though, so I want to put a lot of effort into studying this semester (I slacked off a lot last semester, honestly..) because I'm determined to improve my speaking and pass the level, too. No more skipping writing classes because I'm too exhausted to get out of bed and procrastinating my homework, lolll. Going to fandom things are really helpful, though, because I get to talk to Korean fans (I think that's how my listening skills improved? Not my speaking though, clearly.. Ha ha..).

Okay, I think that's enough babbling for now.. Chelsea, Kari and Marina signed up & helped me sign up on Monday too so on Saturday (150606) we went to Dongdaemun for a 24K fansign! It's my second 24K fansign and my second fansign overall. The first time was on Children's Day, and I had a couple of regrets from that day (because I didn't think about what I wanted to say to them, so it went by a lot quicker than I wanted), so I came prepared this time! I also brought them all Tam Tam/Mamee noodle snacks from home. Since you can buy Mamee in Seoul if you go to the import stores (even though they're more expensive), I gave the Tam Tams to.. the members I like a little more.. T__T So Daeil, Sungoh and Hui got them.. Hehe..

Stayed over at Karina & Becca's place the night before so that we could all get ready and head out together. Chelsea and I made the mistake (it was a good mistake, though..) of watching all 12 episodes of GOT7's Dream Knight mini drama the night before, so in the morning I woke up with super puffy eyes from crying.. Let me tell you, it is SO hard to do your eyeliner with puffy eyes.. (But yo.. Im Jaebum..) We got ready and headed straight to Dongdaemun.

The venue.

Got our albums & posters (I was helping Chelsea hold hers in this photo)!

We had to wait much longer than expected for the fansign to start, I'm not quite sure what kept us waiting, but it was worth it once they arrived.

24K ♡

And then.. the most important part. The actual signing. ㅎㅎㅎ These photos aren't in chronological order (I took them after I got my album signed).

Side note: yes, I am aware that I'm being given fan service. But honestly? I am a fan, after all. I like the fan service and I know a lot of people will say that I "shouldn't take it to heart" and that "they dont love you like that". I've heard that shit way too many times, especially by people who "hate" kpop, lol.. But I do believe that 24K are genuinely nice guys who really know how to and are good at treating their fans. So please leave your negative thoughts/comments to yourself! :)

And a warning.. I may sound a little crazy in the next few paragraphs. Hahaha..

Leader Cory! 홍홍홍

Cory was really friendly, as he always is. I tried to speak English to him (because I'm still kind of shy about my Korean skills? Also because I was a bit lazy.. hehe..) but he was like nope, so we spoke Korean. He did this last time, too ㅠㅠ but I'm glad he did, since I really need to practice more. I gave him the Mamee snack and he looked at the monster and was like "oh! 나랑 닮았네!" (oh! It looks similar to me!)

I gave him this (except it was the ayam flavour)..

I was like "응! 닮았지!" (yeah! It does look similar!), and so he tapped Sungoh who was next to him and said the same thing, and Sungoh gave him a look and was like "...안 닮았어." ( doesn't look like you.) And Cory paused and said "oh. Okay." ㅋㅋ So he signed my album (I also stuck a post it on every page asking them to draw lots of hearts) and drew a ton of hearts. He told me that it'd be really good if I came to see them often (and wrote it in my album too) and at that point, in my mind, I was like yes. Yes. I'm gonna go to all the schedules. See you soon. ㅋㅋ

Next was Sungoh.. 역시 우리 귀엽고 멋있는 성오오빠 ㅋ

I have to be honest, Sungoh caught my attention when I first got into 24K, and I liked him a lot, but, um.. Daeil kind of stole my heart after a while.. ^^; But he's incredibly friendly and cute and so easy to talk to! He saw my name on the post it and recognized me ㅠㅠ I asked him "오빠 머리를 언제 염색했어요?" (oppa, when did you dye your hair?) and he replied "오늘!" (today!). I'm glad it's purple again, it suits him a lot. I gave him the Tam Tam and I said I ate it a lot when I was younger. While he was signing, he said "유키.. 예뻐졌어.." (Yuki.. you became prettier..) and I was super shy about it lol (but in my mind I was like '?!?! So I wasn't pretty last time?!?!' jkjk ㅋㅋㅋ). After signing, he asked me if he was my favourite member, and I paused for a bit and was like "uh.. 성오오빠랑.. 대일오빠.." (Sungoh oppa and.. Daeil oppa..) ^^; But I like them both, I really do! Really.. ㅎㅎ 

Jeonguk! (I know this photo has Daeil in it) (I took a lot of Daeil photos) (Sorry)

Didn't interact with Jeonguk as much as the rest but he was really cute! He looked at my name and said "유키.. 일본 사람이지? 아리가또!!" (Yuki.. you're Japanese, right? Arigato!!) and I was like "아..아니에요? 말레이시아 사람인데요.." ( I'm Malaysian..) ㅋㅋ After that he kept replying to me in English.. I gave him the Mamee and he said "Wow! Thank you", so I said "오빠! 영어 잘하네요!" (oppa! Your English is good!) then he laughed and denied it. Jeonguk was really sweet too ;ㅅ; High fived him before leaving!

Daeil... Daeil Daeil Daeil......

Okay.. clearly, I have a lot to say about this guy.. >//< Have I made it obvious that he's my favourite yet? No? He is my favourite. I like him a loooooot. And he knows that, too.. I send him Instagram DMs sometimes because he replies to those (nothing invasive or anything! I usually ask him how he's doing or I tell him that it's been a while & I can't wait to see him and 24K again ;ㅅ;) and 24K is really good at remembering names (will elaborate on that later..) so I'm sure he knew who I was once he saw my name. He smiled really brightly and grabbed my hands and was like "Yuki! Yuki!!!" and........... I melted. Kind of. I gave him the Tam Tam and he thanked me a lot and said he was gonna eat it well! He said I was pretty (I died), he drew a big heart on his page (I died) and before I left he held my hands again and just looked at me for a good 10 seconds (I really died). I.. react very dramatically to everything, to say the least. Daeil wouldn't stop looking and he grinned (because he KNEW I was panicking I swear to god) and I was actually freaking out inside and I kept saying I was really shy, lol.. But Kim Daeil is an angel.. ♡

#기수오빠 #049 (there's Daeil again..)

Kisu is a real sweetheart too! He saw my name and recognized me (yo, I told you, they're good at remembering..), and said that he saw that I tweeted him last night saying that I was coming today. I actually forgot that I tweeted him but I remembered it when he said it, haha.. I didn't talk to him as much as well but he thanked me for coming and I gave him the snack too!

New member Hui!

Hui seems kind of shy to me, but maybe it's because his Korean isn't too great yet? Chelsea said that she stuck a post-it note question for him but he didn't really get the meaning and had to ask her what it meant.. Cutie.. But oh god, he's really handsome! I got so, so shy in front of him and I forgot what I had to say so I kept stuttering at the beginning but he was really understanding, haha. I asked him if we could speak in Mandarin and he said "啊!你是中国人吗?" (ah! Are you from China?) and I told him I was Malaysian.. then I felt super embarrassed by all the stuttering I did so I went and explained that my Mandarin isn't as great as it used to be hahaha. I gave him the snack and he thanked me for it! And oh god.. I didn't see what he was writing in my album but when I checked it afterwards he wrote '很漂亮!!! ♡' (so pretty!!! ♡) and I died again?!

Jin..hong..? ^^; He was too far from me so I really couldn't get a good photo of him.. But let me tell you, this guy is so. Handsome.

Jinhong is so friendly! I said hi and told him "저는 99년생인데 오빠라고 불어도 돼요?" (since I'm a 99 liner, can I call you oppa?) and he smiled and said it was okay. I found it really easy to talk to him! Maybe because he's only a year older than me? Haha. I told him I was from Malaysia and he was really interested, he said he wanted to go there someday, too. I told him that Mamee is really popular in Malaysia so he had to try it, and he thanked me for it. He's a really sweet kid ;ㅅ; A 'kid' that's older than me but still really sweet.. And he's so good looking! So. So. Good. Looking.

And that was pretty much it, signing-wise. But we had a lot of fun sitting in front and waiting for the fansign to end! Chelsea and Karina were taking a lot of photos so we called Sungoh and Jeonguk (their favourites ㅋㅋ) and asked them to pose for their cameras (which they did, a lot of times!). I also filmed Daeil for a bit and asked him to show a heart to my (crappy phone) camera and he did.. For quite a while.. After the first 5 seconds, I melted. He thought it was funny.. ㅡㅡ My friends also called him over to look at me (I have no proper camera?! Please don't do that?! I'm so shy?!) and then I hid behind Chelsea instinctively and then he asked me why I kept hiding..... ㅡㅡ I'm pretty.. extra when it comes to my reactions hahaha. So yeah, I melted a lot. Sungoh was really cute too! He LOVED the candy that Chelsea gave him (he ate the whole bag.. and then proceeded to lick the inside to get every last bite..) so she threw him another one.. ㅋㅋ

Some really cute photos from the fansign! (shitty quality, sorry.. ㅠㅠ I'm generally just.. bad at photography? Especially with an iPhone LOL)

오빠가 행복하면 나도 행복해요ㅠ


These two.. ㅋㅋ

하트를 준 성오오빠


토끼 기수오빠ㅎㅎ

We were all pretty worn out after the fansign so we just headed back to the apartment to rest for a bit before going out for dinner at a meat buffet. I have pretty conflicting feelings about meat buffets.. I enjoy it for the most part but I don't usually eat this much meat in one sitting (I don't usually eat this much meat at all?!) so it results in.. a tummy ache. o<-< But oh well.

Great ending to a great day♡

Anyway, I have class in less than 8 hours and I really need to get some sleep before I accidentally nap in my first class.. Bye!!

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