Saturday, 30 May 2015

Underground Société + Sushi Zento + Coffea Coffee

Hiii, first blog post! Just decided to pick up blogging again because I've been really happy with life recently and I've been making a lot of good memories that I want to keep somewhere before I forget them.

I hung out with my high school friends that I haven't seen in a while and it was really nice catching up. It's been a year since we all graduated and a lot's changed since then (has it really been a year? Wow.). We went to Underground Société because it's pretty close to Sunway and I really wanted to try the Underground Grenade (I was really fascinated by the fact that they set it on fire. I have no idea why.).

Underground Bun + Iced Latte

Underground Grenade.

The food was okay (a liiiiittle pricey, but it's normal for places like these..), though if I ever come again I probably won't order the same thing, haha. My appetite has changed a lot since I moved to Korea and the portion size was definitely not enough for my big eating habits..

I was a tiny bit disappointed by the Underground Grenade.. From what I've seen in photos, the fire looks pretty, well.. Visible. We waited around 15 minutes for it to arrive and when it did, I don't think the waitress lit it properly, lol. The fire only burned on the plate where the alcohol was and the dessert itself was not lit at all. Maybe it's just me being picky and wanting to see the fire.. The dessert on its own was good, though. I thought there would be mint ice cream inside the meringue but it was a lemon(?) sorbet, chocolate sauce and.. the thing.. the cake.. crumble thing. (Reasons why I should never, ever become a food blogger. I can't describe for shit.) It was all right, though, I liked it.

Later that night I went to Sushi Zento in Sri Petaling to meet up with my relatives.

My family!

My younger brother. He's gotten so tall..

Gyuniku udon.

Then we went to Coffea Coffee for dessert before heading home. I was feeling kind of full at that point from the udon (not to mention that I ate a lot of salmon sashimi as well..) but I can't say no to cake.

Matcha Tofu Cheesecake.

No joke, that was tofu cheesecake (which I've never had before). My cousin actually ordered this so I shared it with her (she said it was just cheesecake, but she's 6, so I forgive her for not telling me about the tofu part). I was really weirded out at first before my aunt told me.. But it tastes pretty good, in a weird way. If you like tofu and you like cheesecake, there you go.

That's it for now! Counting down the days till I get to go back to Seoul and see my friends again.

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